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Grading and Evaluating

Pass/No Credit Grading Option - 1J4

Undergraduate students shall have the option of enrolling in selected courses on a Pass/No Credit basis. Under this option the student receives a Pass for grades A, B, or C and a No Credit for grades D or E [F EFFECTIVE FALL 2001]. Students, at the time of declaring Pass/No Credit, may stipulate that they would rather receive the grade of D than No Credit when appropriate.

Taking courses on a Pass/No Credit basis is limited to courses outside General Education requirements and major and minor requirements. A student may enroll in no more than 9 hours of undergraduate coursework under the Pass/No Credit option. These limitations do not apply to courses which are offered only for Pass/No Credit.

A decision to take a course on a Pass/No Credit basis must be declared no later than the 8th week of the semester and must be approved by the advisor; during the summer term by the 6th week.

Approved by Chancellor effective 10/7/91
This policy was issued on February 9, 2000, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1J4
Origin: CC 14-78/79; OP 10/7/91

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