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Student Academic Standards and Performance

Class Attendance Policy - 1I9

Upon registration, students accept the responsibility for attending classes and completing coursework or officially withdrawing from classes in which they are not in attendance. It is the responsibility of students to ascertain the policies of instructors with regard to absence from class, and to make arrangements satisfactory to instructors with regard to missed coursework. Students should understand that it is particularly important to attend the first meeting of a course. Failure to attend the first session of a course may result in the student's place in class being assigned to another student.

Failure to Attend, Participate Actively or Withdraw Properly

If a student fails to attend or stops attending class(es), he/she is expected to officially withdraw from the class(es) by following the University's procedures for withdrawing from a course. Failure to actively participate in classes or comply with University withdrawal procedures will result in the following:

Never Attended: Faculty will either notify the Office of the Registrar during the first two weeks of the term to process an administrative withdrawal from the class or a grade of NS will be assigned at the end of the term. When students are withdrawn within the first two weeks of the term, no entry of the class is retained on the student's transcript.

Ceased Attendance: Faculty will assign a grade of WR or UW (See Grading System - 1J1 for details) when a student has established a record of attendance or active participation without completing the requirements of the class. Active participation may include, but is not limited to, turning in an assignment, an exam or computer assisted instruction.

Approved by Chancellor effective 6/13/12
This policy was issued on July 23, 2012, replacing the January 2, 1997 version.
Document Reference: 1I9
Origin: UC #20/4; CC 20-91/92; CC 9-95/96; CC 21-11/12

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