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Student Academic Standards and Performance

Undergraduate Student Course Loads - 1I3

The normal academic load for undergraduate students is 15 credit hours per semester. Full-time status is defined by the following academic load:

Fall/Spring Summer


Minimum of 12 Credit Hours Minimum of 6 Credit Hours

3/4 Time

Minimum of 9 Credit Hours Minimum of 5 Credit Hours


Minimum of 6 Credit Hours Minimum of 3 Credit Hours
Fewer Than Half-Time Fewer Than 6 Credit Hours Fewer Than 3 Credit Hours

Undergraduate students may enroll in a maximum of 19 hours in fall and spring semesters or 12 hours in summer term. Audit work does not qualify in meeting minima; however, audit work is calculated in determining a student's maximum course load. Students may be allowed by the dean (or designee) or director of their academic unit to exceed the maximum enrollment. Students requesting an overload in excess of 19 hours in fall and spring semesters or 12 hours in summer term should have a 3.25 (A = 4.0) grade-point average or above for the preceding term.

Students on academic probation may not take more than 12 hours without approval of the advisor.

Approved by Chancellor effective 2/4/15
This policy was issued on April 7, 2015, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1I3
Origin: CC 6-77/78; GC #12/3; CC 17-91/92; CC 15-91/92; OC 2/4/15

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