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Student Academic Standards and Performance

Academic Warning, Probation and Suspension, Undergraduate - 1I1

  1. Students whose cumulative grade-point averages are 2.00 or above are considered to be in Academic Good Standing.
  2. When students' cumulative grade-point averages fall below 2.00, they will be placed on Academic Warning and will be subject to the restrictions placed on warning students. Upon warning, a student who had been accepted to a major will no longer hold major status in that program. Students who have been placed on Academic Warning must receive intensive academic counseling and advising during the next term of enrollment. Advisors will assist students to identify difficulties and to develop a plan of action mutually agreeable to the advisor and the student. They will receive written notification of their warning status and information regarding the Academic Warning, Probation and Suspension policy. Such notification will occur early in the term immediately following attaining warning status.
  3. Students on Academic Warning will not change their status until they raise their cumulative average to the 2.00 level, or move to Academic Probation. A student may request a major when that student meets the stated admission criteria for a given program.
  4. In the event students on Academic Warning fail to attain a 2.00 term average for their next term of attendance, they will be placed on Academic Probation.
  5. Academic Probation students will be required to enroll in an appropriate college success course as determined by the advisor through Learning Support Services. The course will focus on subjects for academic recovery such as effective learning strategies, study skills, time management, organization, utilization of finances, and follow-through within and outside of the classroom.
  6. In the event students on Academic Probation fail to attain a 2.00 term average for their next term of attendance, they will be placed on Academic Suspension.
  7. Suspended students will be ineligible to attend SIUE for at least one term (fall, spring, or summer). After one semester, a suspended student may return to SIUE and enroll in courses. Students will be required to meet three times during their return semester with an advisor in the Office of Academic Advising.
  8. Suspended students who re-enroll shall remain "undeclared" and will assume probationary status.
  9. If a student is suspended for a second time, the student must seek approval from the Suspension Appeals Committee. The Suspension Appeals Committee will include an appointee by the Provost, the Director of Retention and Student Success, and an appointee from the Faculty Senate. The student will not be allowed to re-enter the University without a favorable action from this committee. After being academically suspended from SIUE for a third time, a student is ineligible to return to the University.
Plan of Action

A plan of action is a course of study designed to help the student progress more effectively. A plan of action may include:

  1. Reduction in number of hours attempted
  2. Change in program (major)
  3. Enrollment in courses prescribed by the advisor, e.g., writing
  4. Re-enrollment in courses in which the student previously received a failing grade
  5. Career counseling
  6. Other measures recommended by the advisor

Approved by Chancellor effective 1/8/18
This policy was issued on January 21, 2010.
This policy was edited on September 10, 2018, replacing the January 21, 2010 version.
Document Reference: 1I1
Origin: CC 43-85/86; CC 18-88/89; CC 15-91/92; OC 1/11/10; CC 14-17/18

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