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University-Wide Criteria for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), and Professional Baccalaureate Degrees - 1D1

To accommodate the diversity of knowledge, the diverse interests of students, and the needs of an increasingly technical society, the University offers the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Science, and professional baccalaureate degrees. The general education program supports baccalaureate education at SIUE by playing a foundational role in imparting the abilities and knowledge that define the common core of all baccalaureate degrees. University-wide criteria mandate the manner in which departments and programs define and offer the broad content of these respective degrees in order to assure that they are equivalent and meaningfully differentiated degrees. The University requires students earning a:

  • B.A. degree to complete at least eight (8) courses (minimum 24 credit hours) in the fine and performing arts and humanities, including, as part of those eight courses, a two (2) semester sequence of a foreign language;
  • B.S. degree to complete at least eight (8) courses (minimum 24 credit hours) in the life, physical, or social sciences, including, as part of those eight courses, two (2) courses designated as labs (LAB).
  • Professional baccalaureate degrees to complete either the requirements described above for the B.A. degree or the B.S. degree as approved by the Curriculum Council of the Faculty Senate.

Approved by Chancellor effective 10/14/11
This policy was issued on November 21, 2011, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1D1
Origin: CC 17-73/74; CC 01-07/08

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