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Course Credit Hour Listings - 1C3

The University catalogue includes courses with varying credit values (e.g., 2-4, 5-9, 4-16), courses which can be repeated for a maximum credit accumulation, and courses which have parts in sequence (e.g., XX 409-3,3).

  1. In a variable hour listing (e.g., 2-4, 5-9, 4-16),

    1. The first digit indicates the minimum amount of credit it is possible to offer in a single term;

    2. the second digit(s) indicates the maximum amount of credit it is possible to offer in a single term.

  2. Maximum credit accumulation should be indicated in the course description (e.g., "May be repeated for a total of 16 hours").

  3. Parenthetic credit notations following a single course listing indicate the credit hour values of parts of that course sequence [e.g., Xxx 455-6 (3,3) means that this course is divided into part "a" for 3 hours credit, and part "b" for 3 hours credit].
From an examination of active Forms 90, it is apparent that students and faculty may misinterpret the credit hour values of such courses. To clarify the meaning of the credit hour listings, the Curriculum Council recommends the adoption of a standard policy and the dissemination of that policy to all deans and chairpersons and that all units bring all active courses at variance with the standard policy into conformance as soon as possible.

Examples of courses at variance -36, in which 36 hours is the maximum accumulation rather than a single -6 (3,3), in which a maximum accumulation of 6 hours is intended but not an a-3, b-3 sequence.

Approved by Chancellor effective 8/30/78
This policy was issued on February 1, 1996, replacing the October 1, 1985 version.
Document Reference: 1C3
Origin: CC 1-78/79

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