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Can the small business use university resources?

The small business may not use University facilities or other resources for the conduct of the company’s business or activities on a proposal, primary award, or any other company-related activities (e.g., employee benefits and payroll). 

The small business must pay for the use of all university resources, including but not limited to space, equipment (including phones), software (including email), use of review committees (such as for animal and human subjects research), and personnel.  Payment can be through contractual services or a sub-award; the latter requires a University PI and is processed through the University’s sponsored projects office.  See SIUC’s Policy on the Use and Control of University Property.  See SIUE’s Policy 6A3 Governing Lease of University Space or Real Property.

The small businesses may choose to occupy space in an officially designated Technology Park or Incubator Laboratory Facility. Work conducted at the Technology Park or Incubator Laboratory Facility is not considered to be a university activity or use of university resources. Companies that occupy space in these facilities must have a written agreement with the University to compensate the University at fair market value.