By Braun & Schneider - c.1861-1880

Plate #85 - Early Nineteenth Century - Empire Style - Germany and France

a) (1809-1812)
b) (1802), (1803-1804)
c) (1802-1804)
d) (1808-1809)

Plate #86 - Early Nineteenth Century - Empire Style

a) Lady with a Spencer
b) Lady in Ball Gown (1805), Lady with High Hat
c) Lady in Douillette, Lady in Gown
d) Court Dress, Man with Garrick

Plate #87 - Early Nineteenth Century - Restoration

a) (1814)
b) (1818)
c) (1819)
d) (1818), (1819)

Plate #88 - Early Nineteenth Century - Bavarian Army

a) Cavalry Captain in the Gendarmerie (1812-1815), First Lieutenant of Artillery (1811-1825), Lieutenant of Transport (1815-1825)
b) Infantryman (1814-1825), Grenadier of the Guard (1812-1815), Light Cavalryman (1805-1812)
c) Uhlan Private (1814-1822), National Light Cavalryman in Regiment (1813-1815), Hussar of the the 2nd Regiment (1815-1822)
d) Uhlan Officer Garde du Corps, Officer in the Private (1814-1823), Cuirassier Garde du Corps, Trumpeter of Corps in Gala

Plate #89 - First Half of the Nineteenth Century - Germany

a) Upper-Class Dress (1825-1830)
b) Upper-Class Dress (1815-1820)
c) Upper-Class Dress (1820-1825)
d) Munich (1822), Waitress, Middle-Class Family

Plate #90 - Late Nineteenth Century - Italian Folk Dress

a) Area Around Rome
b) In the Volscian Mountains, Fisherman from the Neapolitan Apennines
c) San Germano, On the Roman Coast
d) Genzano, Piper from the Neapolitan

Plate #91 - Late Nineteenth Century - Spanish Folk Dress

a) Valencia, Granada
b) Alicante, Zamora
c) Leon, Segovia
d) Murcia

Plate #92 - Late Nineteenth Century - Dutch Folk Dress

a) Scheveningen
b) Frisia
c) Marken
d) Marken

Plate #93 - Late Nineteenth Century - Dutch Folk Dress

Plate #94 - Late Nineteenth Century - French Folk Dress

a) Brittany
b) Brittany
c) Brittany
d) Brittany

Plate #95 - Late Nineteenth Century - Alsatian Folk Dress

a) Outskirts of Schlettstadt, Brumath, Near Weissenburg, Oberseebach
b) Aschbach, Weissenburg, Kochersberg
c) Oberseebach, Aschbach (Sultz), Outskirts of Strasbourg
d) Kochersberg, Krautgersheim (Schlettstadt), Colmar, Oberseebach

Plate #96 - Late Nineteenth Century - Swiss Folk Dress

a) Berne, Simmental
b) Valais, Unterwalden
c) Zug, Guggisberg
d) St. Gallen, Schaffhausen

Plate #97 - Late Nineteenth Century - North German Folk Dress

a) Hamburg, Man and Woman from the Vierlande, Hannover, Peasant Woman from Nottendorf (Geest)
b) Schleswig-Holstein - Woman in Communion Dress, Peasant from Hohenwested, Woman from the Halligen
c) Frisia - Girl and Peasant From Wyck, Peasant Woman from Ostenfeld (Old Dress)
d) Frisia - Peasant Woman From the Island of Fohr, From Romoe, From Wyck On Fohr

Plate #98 - Late Nineteenth Century - German Folk Dress (Former Grand-Duchy of Baden)

a) Hauenstein
b) Breigau, Witichhausen, Vilchband (Tauber Area)
c) Black Forest, Schapbachthal, Hauenstein
d) Hardt Area (Iffezheim), Tauber Area (Witichhausen, Vilchband)

Plate #99 - Late Nineteenth Century - German Folk Dress (Former Grand-Duchy of Baden)

a) Western Baar, Catholic Baar
b) Guttach Valley, East Baar
c) Wedding Costume, Hauenstein
d) Western Baar

Plate #100 - Late Nineteenth Century - German Folk Dress (Former Grand-Duchy of Baden)

a) Hanau Region
b) Renchthal
c) Eastern Baar
d) St. Georgen, Sommerau

Plate #101 - Late Nineteenth Century - German Folk Dress (Bavaria)

a) Dachau
b) Rosenheim
c) Miesbach
d) Miesbach

Plate #102 - Late Nineteenth Century - German Folk Dress (Bavaria)

a) Starnberg and Vicinity
b) Starnberg and Vicinity
c) Bridesmaids, Starnberg
d) Wolfratshausen

Plate #103 - Late Nineteenth Century - Tyrolean Folk Dress

a) Meran (Merano)
b) Grodner Valley
c) Teffereggen Valley
d) Puster Valley

Plate #104 - Late Nineteenth Century - Tyrolean Folk Dress

a) Jung-Aillertal
b) Alt-Zillertal
c) Amras-Innsbruck Vicinity
d) Lower Inn Valley in an Earlier Period

Plate #105 - Late Nineteenth Century - Tyrolean Folk Dress

a) Brixen (Bressanone), Unterwangenberg, Brixen
b) Oetz (Adige) Valley
c) Wipptal
d) Alpbach

Plate #106 - Late Nineteenth Century - Monastic Orders

a) Benedictines
b) Franciscans
c) Hieronymites (Hermits)
d) Capuchins

Plate #107 - Late Nineteenth Century - Egypt

a) Bedouin Girl, Fruit Vendor, Messenger
b) Inhabitants of Port Said, Water Seller
c) Tambourine Player, Water Carrier, Servant
d) Bedouin Musician, Slave Girl, Street Dress

Plate #108 - Late Nineteenth Century - Near East

a) Prince of Lebanon, Moslem of Damascus
b) Vicinity of Damascus, Moslem Woman - Vicinity of Mecca, Fellah Woman - Vicinity of Damascus
c) Armenian Girl, Druse, Inhabitant of Damascus
d) Dervish, Syrian Peasant, Young Druse Woman, Karvass (Police Officer) in Damascus

Plate #109 - Late Nineteenth Century - Dalmatia

a) Inhabitants of Kuzevice (Crivoscie), Porter from Dubrovnik (Ragusa)
b) Man from Gruda Near Dubrovnik, Risen - Boka Kotorska, Girl from Gruda (Risano, Bocche di Cattaro)
c) Girl from Draste Boka Kotorska, Women and girl from Kuzevice Boka Kotorska
d) Man from Tartaro Near Sibenico (Sebenico), Woman from the Islands off Sibenik, Girl from Bukovica

Plate #110 - Late Nineteenth Century - Asia (Lebanon, India, and Arabia)

a) Maronite from Lebanon, Inhabitant of Zeibek, Christian Woman from Lebanon
b) Syria - Belka, Woman from Damascus, Arab from Baghdad
c) India - King of Delhi, Brahmanic Student
d) Chukchi Woman, Buryat Woman, Ostyaks

Plate #111 - Late Nineteenth Century - Folk Dress in European Turkey (Now Parts of Albania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Greece)

a) Skodra (Scutari), Prizren, Arnauts (Albanians) from Janina, Bulgar
b) Kirdish Woman From Juzgat, Preveza, Chios
c) Skodra, Adrianople (Edirne), Saloniki
d) Monastir, Thessaly

Plate #112 - Late Nineteenth Century - Caucasus

a) Bayadere from Shemakha, Georgian Woman, Circassian from Khevsur
b) Cossack Girl from Cherlenaya, Woman from Akhty in Dagestan, Woman from Kazanistih
c) Tushin, Militiamen from Anapa, Lezghian
d) Cossack Woman from the Black Sea, Cossack of the Line, Inhabitant of Kabardah

Plate #113 - Late Nineteenth Century - Central Asia

a) Man from Khiva, Emir of Bukhara, Teke Turkmen, Girl from Samarkand, Police Soldier from Bukhara
b) Dervish, Turkmen Women
c) Sartish Women and man from Turkestan on the Chinese Border
d) Men from Khiva

Plate #114 - Late Nineteenth Century - Afghanistan

a) Atah Mahomed Ambassador at Kabul and his Retinue
b) Afghans from the Khyber Pass
c) Indian Dancing Girl, Afghans
d) Afghans

Plate #115 - Late Nineteenth Century - Tibet and Kashmir

a) Tibetan Women and Girl
b) Tibetan Woman, Lama from Lhasa
c) Kashmir - Men from Ladaskh in the Himalayas, Soldier of the Maharahah
d) Kashmir - Dancing Girl, Personal Guard of the Rajah, Rajah

Plate #116 - Late Nineteenth Century - India and Malaysia

a) Parsees from Bombay and Singapore
b) Klings (Telingas)
c) Prince and Woman of Rajputana, Hindu Woman
d) Coolie, Muham, Kling (Tjetti)

Plate #117 - Late Nineteenth Century (1880) - Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

a) Singhalese
b) Singhalese
c) Singhalese Nobleman, Page of the Governor of Ceylon
d) Singhalese Devil Dancers

Plate #118 - Late Nineteenth Century - Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Java, Siam (Thailand)

a) Actresses from Jaffna - Ceylon
b) Herald, Actors from Jaffna
c) Actors and Actresses from Java
d) Actors and Actresses from Siam

Plate #119 - Late Nineteenth Century - Siam (Thailand) and Burma

a) Buddhist Monk, King and Queen of Siam
b) Burmese Women
c) Women of the Karen Tribe (Mountains of Burma)
d) Pu-cho Weavers from Burma, Woman from Ava Former Capital of Burma

Plate #120 - Late Nineteenth Century - Burma and Indo-China (Vietnam)

a) Priests from Annam
b) Town Dress of Women from Tonkin, Woman from Tonkin, Cult Objects, Riflemen from Tonkin
c) Burma - Officer (Older Uniform), Minister in Gala with the Tsalve Order, Girl from Mandalay
d) Nobleman from Annam, Girl from Annam

Plate #121 - Late Nineteenth Century - East Indies

a) Malays from Minangkabau - Sumatra, Bataks from Sumatra, Man from Macassar - Celebes
b) Regent of Cheribon - Java, Man from the Island of Nias
c) Dyaks Woman - Borneo, Warrior, Girl of the Aristocracy
d) Dyaks, Princess

Plate #122 - Late Nineteenth Century (1880) - Chinese in Malaysia

a) Actresses
b) Merchant from Penang in Festive Dress, Woman from Macao
c) Southern Chinese (From Fukien), Merchant in Penang
d) Babas from the Straits Settlements, Shoemaker (Opium Eater) from Singapore

Plate #123 - Late Nineteenth Century - Japan

a) Soldiers
b) Commoners
c) Girl Musicians, An Authority
d) Girls and Women

Plate #124 - Late Nineteenth Century - Asiatic Russia (Siberia)

a) Guberniya of Tomsk, Kirghiz Woman and Man
b) Siberia Tartar Woman, Kalmucks
c) Nomads from Amur
d) Bashkirs, Steppe Dweller, Tartar Woman from Kazan

Plate #125 - Late Nineteenth Century - Russian Folk Dress

a) Tartars from the Crimea
b) Mordvin (Volga Finn), Cheremiss (Mari) Woman, Estonians
c) Woman from Yaroslavl, Woman from Tver, Man and Woman from Kaluga
d) Woman from Ryazan, Guberniya of Vornezh, Finnish Woman, Guberniya of St. Petersburg




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