By Braun & Schneider - c.1861-1880

Plate #1 - Egyptians, Moors, Turks

a) Ancient Egyptian King, Egyptian Commoners
b) Moorish Princes
c) Turkish Official and Two Noblemen
d) Turkish Women

Plate #2 - Ancient Near East - Assyrian, Persian, Egyptian

a) Assyrian High Priest, Assyrian King
b) Persian Nobility
c) Noblewoman, Egyptian Queen, Noblewoman
d) Egyptian Court Official, Egyptian King, Fanbearer

Plate #3 - Ancient Near East - Assyrian, Persian, Egyptian

a) Commoner, Assyrian Court Official, Assyrian Noblemen
b) Assyrian Soldier with Standing Shield, Soldier with Small Shield, Archer
c) Persian Soldiers, Persian Nobleman
d) Mede Nobleman, Persian Nobleman, Persian

Plate #4 - Ancient Judah

a) Jewish Noblemen
b) Jewish Noblewomen
c) Soldiers, Jewish King
d) High Priest, Levite - Church Officials

Plate #5 - Ancient Greece

a) Priestess, Noblewomen
b) Greek Soldiers - Generals
c) Olympic Victor, Priest of Bacchus, Greek King
d) Greek Country People

Plate #6 - Ancient Rome

a) Standard Bearer (German), Roman General
b) Roman Soldiers
c) Noblewomen, Slave Girl
d) Roman Lictor, Emperor, Nobleman

Plate #7 - Ancient Germans - The Teutonic Tribes

a) The Stone Age
b) The Bronze Age
c) Beginning of the Christian Era
d) Third and Fourth Centuries AD

Plate #8 - Fourth to the Sixth Centuries

a) Christians
b) Christians
c) Arabs
d) Arabs

Plate #9 - Byzantine Empire

a) Page, Byzantine Emperor
b) Servant, Byzantine Empress and Princess
c) Soldier and Chancellor
d) Deacon, Bishop, Levite - Church Official

Plate #10 - Sixth Century - Byzantine Empire

a) Early 6th Century
b) Early 6th Century
c) Attendants and Empress Theodora (547)
d) Emperor Jusinian (482-565), Empress Theodora (d. 548)

Plate #11 - Fifth to Tenth Centuries and Ancient Egypt

a) Soldiers of the Eastern Roman Empire
b) Frankish Ladies, Charlemagne
c) Frankish Court Dress
d) Ancient Egyptian Soldiers, Egyptian King In Battle Attire, Charioteer

Plate #12 - Carolingians

Plate #13 - Tenth Century - France

a) Frankish King and Queen
b) Frankish Noblewomen
c) King Charles the Bald
d) Emperor Henry II, Frankish Bishop

Plate #14 - Eleventh Century

a) Monk, Bishop, Priest
b) Frankish King and Queen
c) Norman Ladies, Norman Noblewoman
d) Knights and soldiers - First Crusade

Plate #15 - Twelfth Century

a) Servant, Roman Pope, King
b) German Noblewomen, German Middle Class Woman
c) Squire and Knight - First Crusade
d) Commoner, Rich Jew, Knight

Plate #16 - Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries - Military and Religious Orders

a) Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Hospitallers) - Females
b) Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Hospitallers) - Males
c) Master and Knight of the Teutonic Order
d) Templars - Knights

Plate #17 - Thirteenth Century - German and Italian

a) German Prince, German Ladies
b) German Knight and Family
c) Italian Scholars, German Middle-Class Woman
d) Knight, Prince, Templar - Knight

Plate #18 - Fourteenth Century German

a) Knightly Dress (2nd Half of Century), Gunther von Schwarzburg - King of Germany (1349)
b) Court of Orlamunde (Mid-Century), Court of Katzenellenbogen (1315), Heinrich of Seinsjeim
c) Rudolph of Sachsenhausen (1370), Soldiers (2nd Half of Century)
d) Konrad of Bikenbach (1393), Gudela of Holzhausen, Weikhard Frosch (1378)

Plate #19 - Fourteenth Century - England

a) 1365, 1330, 1350, 13100
b) 1365, 1376 (Middle-Class Dress)
c) 1350 (Merchant), 1350-1360 (Nobleman)
d) 1330-1370

Plate #20 - Fourteenth Century

a) Prince and Knight
b) Princess and Lady-In-Waiting
c) Knight and Noble Maiden
d) German Patricians

Plate #21 - Fourteenth Century

a) German Chatelaine, Knight in Hunting Dress
b) Nobleman, Townsman
c) Ladies-In-Waiting, English Princess
d) Prince, Page, Nobleman

Plate #22 - Second Half of the Fourteenth Century - Italy

a) Vittore Pisani - Venetian Admiral Died1380, Squire, Neapolitan Knight
b) Soldiers
c) Italian Girl, Noblewoman, Lady of Siena
d) Young Man, Roman Senator, Venetian Nobleman

Plate #23 - First Half of the Fifteenth Century

a) Florentine Noblewomen
b) Florentine Noblemen
c) German Noblewomen
d) French Noblemen

Plate #24 - First Half of the Fifteenth Century

a) Burgundian Court Dress
b) German Court Dress
c) German Citizens
d) Judge, Townsman, Peasant

Plate #25 - Fifteenth Century - Italy

a) Mid 1400, Apothecary (1st Half 1400)
b) Italian Podesta - Chief Magistrate, Sexton, Soldier
c) Mid 1400, End 1400
d) Lord of Rimini (1488), Beatrice d'Este (14100)

Plate #26 - Fifteenth Century - France

a) 1460-1480
b) 1460-1480
c) 1460-1480
d) Woman's Dress (1480), Charles the Bold (1477)

Plate #27 - Fifteenth Century - France and England

a) England (1400)
b) France (1470)
c) England (1st Third of Century)
d) Henry VII of England, Duke of Suffolk (1470), Henry VI (1471), Duchess of Suffolk (1470)

Plate #28 - Mid-Fifteenth Century - Burgundy

a) Charles the Bold

Plate #29 - Fifteenth Century - Germany

a) Lower Rhine Dress (1400)
b) Philippe of Ingelheim (1431), Martin of Seinsheim (1434), About 1410
c) Lady's Dress (Mid 1400), Townsman of Ravensburg (1429),
Knight of Stettenberg (1428)
d) Mid 1400.

Plate #30 Fifteenth Century - Swiss Military Costume

a) Standard-Bearer, Piper, Drummer
b) Executioner, Captain, Boy
c) Infantrymen
d) Sergeant, Mounted Soldier, Rifleman

Plate #31 - Second Half of the Fifteenth Century

a) French Dress
b) French Dress
c) German Citizens
d) German Citizens

Plate #32 - Second Half of the Fifteenth Century - Burgundy and Holland

a) Holland (1470-1485)
b) Burgundy (1470)
c) Burgundy (1470)
d) Burgundy (1470)

Plate #33 - Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

a) German Knight and Noblewoman (Mid-15th Century)
b) Prince and Princess (1st Third of 16th Century)
c) German Townswoman and Townsman in Armor
(1st Third of 16th Century)
d) Knight and Noblewoman (1st Third of 16th Century)

Plate #34 - First Third of the Sixteenth Century

a) French Noblewoman and Page
b) German Magistrate and Knight
c) German Citizen Women
d) German Citizen Women

Plate #35 - First Third of the Sixteenth Century - Germany

a) German Nobility
b) German Citizens
c) Citizens
d) Citizens

Plate #36 - First Third of the Sixteenth Century - Germany

a) German Townspeople
b) German Soldiers
c) German Soldiers
d) German Townspeople

Plate #37 - First Third of the Sixteenth Century - Germany

a) German Scholar and Townswoman
b) German Soldiers with Snow Shoes
c) German Soldiers - Mountaineers
d) German Peasants

Plate #38 - First Third of the Sixteenth Century - German Military Dress

a) Soldiers
b) Drummer, Stand-Bearer
c) Piper, Sergeant
d) Captain, Lieutenant

Plate #39 - Mid-Sixteenth Century - Germany

a) Noblewoman (1565-1570)
b) Cavalryman, Cavalry General - Under Charles V (1560), Lady
c) Nobleman (1570), Citizen of Nuremberg In Festive Dress (1588)
d) Standard-Bearer (About 1570), Traveling Musicians

Plate #40 - Late Sixteenth Century - Germany

a) Woman from Rostock, Councilman and Lady from Wismar (1590), Man from Dithmarschen
b) Pomerania (1590)
c) Merchant and Peasants from Rostock (1590)
d) Girl from Ockholm, Man and Woman from Pomerania (1590)

Plate #41 - Sixteenth Century - Italy

a) Rome and Siena
b) Florence and Padua
c) Venetian Senator and Noblewoman
d) Venetian Doge and Dogaressa - Chief Magistrate

Plate #42 - Late Sixteenth Century - Italy

a) Neapolitans (1583)
b) Burial in Padua (1583)
c) Students in Padua (1583), Peasant Woman
d) Venice (1583), Milan, Florence



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