The Syrian Crisis

Politics of the Middle East

My website will address politics and international relations topics. It will include political blogs about the latest events taking place in the Middle East.The website will also allow engagement, discussion, and interpretations of the ongoing conflicts in the region.This will encourage understanding the Middle Eastern politics from different t prospective, and it will hopefully encourage Americans to talk and think about the “other” nations that exist beyond their own as well as forming a better understating about international politics. The website will also provide an avenue for people to share their experience and tell their story. It will shed light on the suffering and pain of people living in the developing world.Syrian refugees, for example, who migrated from Syria to Germany can share their experience and write about the challenges that they face; Or people in Iraq who fled ISIS can share the challenges that hey went though.This will raise awareness, educate the American public about foreign affairs, allow victims of wars to share their grief so that their voice can, and create an incentives for the world to reach out to them.

      I am interested in this topic for two reasons: