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Facility and Equipment
Laboratory & Classroom Workstation PB-505

 Welcome to the SIUE's Physics Department Electronics web site. Our electronics laboratory has six (6) workstations that can accommedate two (2) students each. Each workstation has its own oscilloscope, function generator, several digital multimeters, a 21.5" iMac computer and the Global Specialties PB-505 Analog / Digital Electronics Trainer circuit board (boards were graciously donated by the Richard Blattner Family in May 2009).

 Physics 318 : Theory and Applications of Electronic Measurements

 Lab Manual

 Course Syllabus 
Physics 318 is an intro-electronics course taught from a Physics prospective. The student will not only learn how to properly use electronic measurement equipment, they will also learn how the measuring equipment itself is designed. The course starts with the basics of correctly inserting voltmeters and ammeters into a working circuit. Next the student will construct their own analog voltmeter using an analog ammeter! DC and AC circuit analysis are investigated to include Complex Numerical Analysis techniques. Midway through the course, the student gets exposed to the single most important electronic element that revolutionized modern electronics, the Transistor. From this simple circuit element, the student will investigate digital logic, data latches, binary and decimal counters, and operational amplifiers. This in turn leads to Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital Signal Conversions where ultimately the student has the knowledge and technical experience to construct a Digital Voltmeter using the most fundamental of circuit elements! A fantastic course for Physics, engineering and science majors alike.
  • 01 Ohm's Law & V-I Measurements
  • 02 The Volt-Ohm-Ammeter
  • 03 DC Circuits and Mesh Equations
  • 04 The Oscilloscope
  • 05 RC Circuit Analysis
  • 06 The LRC Series Circuit
  • 07 The Transistor
  • 08 Basic Logic Elements
  • 09 Data Latches
  • 10 Binary and BCD Counters
  • 11 Oscillators and Pulse Generating Circuits
  • 12 Operational Amplifier Circuits
  • 13 Power Supplies and Diodes
  • 14 D/A Conversion
  • 15 A/D Conversion
  • 16 8-Bit Digital Voltmeter
  • 17 4-Bit Flash ADC
  • 18 Spectrum Analyzer

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