Junvie Pailden

Hello. I am an assistant professor and the graduate program director in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Illinois.

Check this link if you are interested in our graduate program.

My scholarly background is in statistics and data science. My areas of interest are statistical and causal modelling, and health care/education applications.

Research Publications

Contact Information

Office: 2344 Science East
Email: jpailde at siue.edu
Phone: (618) 650 - 2349
Address: Box 1653, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 40 Hairpin Dr., Edwardsville, IL 62026-1653

Summer 2018 Courses
Stat 490 Topics in Predictive Analytics
Math 145 Calc for Life Sciences

Courses Previously Taught
S589 Multivariate Analysis
S588 Adv Quality Control
S581 Adv Exper Design
S575 Stat Computing
S482 Regression Analysis
S380 Stat Applications
S244 Statistics
M150 Calculus I
M145 Calc for Life Sciences
M145o (online)
S107 Concepts of Stat
S107o (online)


Ph.D. Statistics, Bowling Green State University, 2013