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I'm going for the gold in the NASTAR race at Lake Louise, British Columbia in March, 1993. Recreational racing is one of the best ways there is to improve your all-around skiing.

It was a beautiful day at Breckenridge, Colorado when Alice and I got our picture taken near the top of the Quicksilver Chairlift in March, 1997.

Have you ever seen a sink or ski competition? This guy sank at the 1996 March Madness competition at Cascade Mountain, Wisconsin. Note to non-skiers: no, normal skiers do NOT do this.

I enjoyed a great view from the top on a "shirtsleeve day" at Deer Valley, Utah in January, 1996.

On January 22, 2000, the weather at Deer Valley wasn't as nice, but there were plenty of thrills and spills in the Utah Winter Games families and friends recreational ski race.

One of the best things about skiing is the spectacular scenery you get to see. Check out this view from the top of Vermont's Killington Ski Resort on December 29, 2000. Fog had coated the trees with frost and snow - nature's Christmas decorations! And the view of distant mountains poking through the haze was pretty spectacular, too!

Speaking of Vermont, skiing doesn't get much more "Vermont" than in this picture, taken at Stratton, VT on December 29, 2001.

In March, 2000, I got a couple interesting pictures at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire. This is the best job I've seen of decorating a chairlift. And this set of trail signs offered the skier an interesting set of choices. In the valley below is the base village, as well as a small village ski hill.

In February, 2004, I enjoyed skiing at Keystone, Colorado. It snowed at night, but during the day, bright sun led to spectacular scenes like this.

Here is another picture taken in February, 2004. The location might surprise you: Hidden Valley ski area, not far from St. Louis, MO. With Hidden Valley's new expansion area, shown here, that opened in the 2003-04 season, surprisingly good skiing is available close to home for St. Louis area skiers.

One of the benefits of skiing is spectacular views. From the top of the Sandia Peak ski area near Albuquerque, NM, you can see for miles. This picture was taken from near the top of Sandia Peak, looking east across the high desert toward the Ortiz Mountains.

For a hotlist of ski sites on the World Wide Web, compliled by Professor John Pohlman of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, click here. I know a lot of these are outdated; my next project is to update them.

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