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Bookmarks For Biology Teachers

       Education Information

  1. Access Excellence - Activities
  2. U.S.G.S Biological Resources Division - Education
  3. Welcome to the Illinois Scientific Literacy Network Website
  4. OSME Home Page
  5. BioTeach
  6. The visible human   http://www.madsci.org/~lynn/VH/
  7. Center for Insect Science Education Outreach K-12 lessons & resources for using live insects in the classroom to enhance learning across the curriculum
  8. Closing the Achievement Gap: Using the Environment as an Integrating Context for Learning.  Report of a 3-yr study of 40 schools in U.S. that use the environment as a context for educational practices.
  9.  Proposed content standards for teacher preparation are now on the ISBE web pages.
  10. To begin at the beginning, Click here.
  11. Free Educational Materials from the Illinois Dept of Natural Resources !!!!
  12. Free Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Site - Science

  13.     http://www.ed.gov/free/s-scienc.html

    Mentoring for Females in Science
    Women in Science
    NASA's Women :  Profiles, Question & Answer

    IWITTS Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science is dedicated to integrating women into nontraditional careers by providing training and technical assistance and publications to the educational system & employers

    Environmental Education Information

  14. A Sense of Place   Native plants for locally appropriate landscapes
  15. Butterfly Website-  Learn more about the fascinating world of

  16.  butterflies. You can tour a photo gallery, learn how to plant a butterfly garden, take a
      field trip, find a pen-pal, chat with other butterfly-lovers
  17. Cats Indoors:  The campaign for Safer Birds & Cats - materials on their mission to protect cats, birds, and other wildlife by keeping cats indoors.  american Bird Conservancy 1250 24th St. NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20037  (NOT A LINK)
  18. Conservation Practices - 300 photos of practices and problems in GIF format from online slide shows.
  19. Center for Marine Conservation promote information and support for marine animals
  20. SOLSTICE:  Your online source for sustainable energy information at  www.crest.org
  21. DEJASHOE produces shoes and boots made of recycled tires, newspapers, styrofoam, metal and cloth.  503-682-8814 (NOT  A LINK)
  22. Corporate Watch  Holding Corporations Accountable (Environmental Justice Info too)
  23. Environmental Education Association of Illinois (EEAI)
  24. EcoMall  "Earth's Largest Environmental Shopping Center"

  25.                               Your First Stop to Shop for Green Products
                                That are Good for People and the Environment.
  26. The Ecology Communications Information on Ecological issues & various topics
  27. Ecology and Conservation of Illinois' Fur Resources   - detailed life history information for 14 mammals classified as furbearers, wildlife trivia, animal track guide.
  28. Envirolink Network Online Environmental Community: News, ecogift ideas, sustainable business, jobs, K-12 Environmental Resources on the Internet for Teachers.
  29. Welcome to EE-Link  - University of Michigan, (Environmental Education link on the Internet)
  30. Earth Day  Earth Day Events, Organization info. & Env. Resource Info.
  31. Earthtimes Daily Environmental News Book Reviews, Business, Children, Culture

  32.   Comics by Koz, Development,
      Environment Gender Issues Health Human Rights Population Profiles publ 6 x per year.
  33. Earthwrite pencils- pencils made of recycled newspapers and cardboard boxes (2.39 per doz)
  34. Ecological Society of America Resource for Educators (Focus on careers brochure, 6 profiles of ecologists, fact sheets on invasive species, biodiversity, coral reefs & global climate change, report on "Human Alteration of the Global Nitrogen Cycle: Cause and Consequences & Report on Ecosystem services, "What do Ecologists Do?")
  35. The Environment Magazine Can be subscribed to, electronic magazine on environment.
  36. Environmental Protection Agency For information on education grants, please check the EPA's Environmental Education Office. You can read the descriptions and locations of grantsawarded nationwide by clicking on the button "Grant Program".  You can also call at 202-260-8619.

  37. For publications on wetlands, please contact the EPA's Wetlands Information
    Hotline by phone a  1-800-832-7828 or by e-mail at wetlands-hotline@epamail.epa.gov.  The Wetlands
    Information Hotline provides information about the value and functions of wetlands and options for their
    protection and also provides information about related publications.
  38. Exploring Caves - an interdisciplinary set of materials on caves for grades K-3 available.
  39. Field Museum of Natural History  Chicago's museum
  40. Give Water a Hand Action Guide for 4-H and most youth groups Printed copies $5.00 at (800-WATER 20)
  41. Green Door  IDNR's webpage of links to habitat information & environmental education sites
  42. Green Teacher is a magazine by and for educators to enhance environmental and global education across the curriculum at all grade levels.
  43. The Globe Program (NOAA)  Global Learning and Observations To Benefit the Environment, student collect data and send to U.S. scientists at NOAA, NASA, NSF, and EPA (Famous Program)
  44. Horizons Site for Kids (Solutions to Environmental Problems)
  45. How Things Work - Questions answered at this site go beyond the basics of how things work to the physics of everyday life.  "Why doesn't the aire in a microwave oven get hot?" "Can boiling water explode"
  46. Individuals and organizations seeking social and economic information about any country in the world can now use a great online database compiled by the UN
  47. Kenaf - a plant that enables Vision Paper to produce 100% tree-free paper.  It grows to maturity in 180 days.  Vision Paper 505-294-0293 (NOT A LINK)
  48. Kids Gardening - National Gardening Association
  49. League of Conservation Voters Informs you of how Congress voted on environmental bills. It can tell

  50. you how your senators and representatives voted by percentage.
  51. National Wildlife Federation - Kids Page
  52. Illinois Environmental Education Advancement  Consortium (IEEAC)
  53. Illinois Environmental Protection Agency - LEAP (Lake Education Assistance Program Grant
  54. Illinois Heritage Association perpetuates the history and heritage of Illinois by providing

  55. professional services to educational institutions, local government bodies and nonprofit agencies.
  56. Illinois River Watch Brochure
  57. Keep it Green
  58. Leapfrogging Through Wetlands - lively, hands-on learning with imaginative activities and realistic stickers in a book that allows children 9 - 12 to investigate the world of sedges, rushes, ducks and frogs by becoming "wetland detectives."  Book available from Dog-Eared Publ. for $10.95 or ordered by  calling 888-DOG-EARS
  59. NGA’s Youth Garden Grants (Downloadable application)
  60. National Library for the Environment by the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE), a group that aims to educate society about the importance of comprehensive scientific programs that integrate cross-cutting research with knowledge assessments, education, information , dissemination and training.
  61.  Nature Conservancy Uniting individuals, organizations, business and government to protect wildlife & wild places
  62. Outdoor Classroom Areas (Indiana Dept of Education Ideas)
  63. Outdoor Illinois magazine from IDNR P.O. Box 19225, Dept. N>, sprigfield, IL 62794-9225 1yr $10. (NOT A LINK)
  64. The Plants Database

  65.   maintains and generates data reports in specialized
      areas:  Characteristics, Checklists & Searches, Culturally Significant, Excluded and Anomalous Names, Fact Sheets,Invasive & Noxious, Phylogenetic,Threatened Endangered, Wetland Indicator Status
  66. Plants website -has info about plants names symbols, endangered/threatened, wetland, noxious with photos
  67. Planet Ark   (Reuter  World Environmental News)
  68. Planet Neighborhood - looks at ways people across the nation are using down-to-Earth concepts and innovative technologies in their quest to preserve the environment.
  69. Project Learning Tree ( Curriculum /Activities)
  70. Rainforest Action Network Home Page
  71. Real Goods Catalog and OrganizationGoods for you that are good for the planet, also the Solar Living Center
  72. Right to KnowNetwork - Reveals toxic releases
  73. SchoolsGoGreen.com   Center for Environmental Education of the Antioch New England.  Grapelin online, Integrating EE into the K12 Experience, Humanities Grant Program, Library, Recommended Resources, Web Links.
  74. Schoolyard Habitat Action Grants  (IDNR)
  75. Sierra Club to protect America's families and our future
  76. State Education & Environment Roundtable Provides valuable research information to support the integration of environmental education into the instructional setting
  77. Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) Natinal
  78. Toxic Release Inventory
  79. Welcome to PLAN-IT Illinois (PLANIT Earth Curriculum)
  80. ZPG Online (Zero Population Growth)
  81. US Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Education Web Page with mission to advance and support education efforts that develop an environmentally conscious and responsible public and inspire personal responsibility in caring for the environment.
  82. U.S.G.S. Water Science  - Includes water basics, earth's water, special water topics, water question and answer, water use informaiton, picture gallery, activity center, help screens water glossary, links to schools doing water studies.
  83. Wetland (Adopt) and Schoolyard Habitat  Projects (SPLASHD) St.Clair County's two programs for outdoor environmental education projects



    Curriculum for Schoolyard Lab.
    Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory explains research on dendrochronology, the study of tree growth rings.

    Sounds of Spring The group Journey North will study frogs in their Signs of Spring project on their World wide Web site.  Twice each month, you can report the calling and croaking of two species:  spring peeper and chorus frog.

    Kit & Kaboodle Schools may now register for free participationin Kit & Kabodle, the graphic, elementary science curriculum with an interdisciplinary scope.  The first module, Raging Rivers, is now available via the Internet.  Teachers can use online simulations, hands on investigations and website links to help students make the connection between current weather events and flooded communities.

    U.S.G.S. Free Curriculum Exploring Caves(K-3), What Do Maps Show? (4-7). Global Change (4-6), Map Adventures (K-3) and Exploring Maps (9-12)
    U.S. EPA  information on wetlands, surface water, groundwater, and general environmental awareness

    In the Spotlight The U.S. World Wildlife Fund is currently featuring Latin America with excellent on-line maps and information about North American and global forests.

    GarbageThis site has facts on garbage use.

    Backyard Biodiversity Freeebies  -colorful booklet and 10 tips sheets on backyard conservation practices

    SEAHOME obtain the latest information about upcoming releases and download software such as Environmental Assessment Resource Guide, Lead in the Environment, Chemical Contamination in Fish, Municipal Solid Waste Factbook, and Landfill Inventory, Pollution Prevention and Water Conservation.

    Schoolyard Habitat Action Grants - Application (downloadable)
    Madison County Grants Received 1998 - Below
    ***  CONGRATULATIONS to the Nature Institute in Alton:  Project Bird BEAK (Bird Building Environment and Knowledge) (grades K-12) - $500 to creat a 90 x 120 foot bird watching site.
    ***  CONGRATULATIONS to Roxana High School and Roxana Central Elementary School.  A Walk on the Wild Side (K-12) $300 to develop an ecosystem with habitat suitable for many species, including butterflies.
    ***  CONGRATULATIONS to Belleville East High and Jean Becherer $500 to develop an ecosystem with habitat suitable for many species, including butterflies.

    Arboreta and Zoos

  85. Nichols Arboretum
  86. Lane Woodland Gardens
  87. Morton Arboretum
  88. MBG Shaw Arboretum Plant and Animal Communities
  89. Wheaton Park District-Cosley Animal Farm  Cyber tour of Colsey Animal Farm.
  90. Tall Grass Prairie in Illinois  Native prairie plants of Illinois in pictures with descriptions.
  91. Scott's Botanical Links
  92. Chicago Botanic Garden
  93. Brookfield Zoo
  94. Chicago Wilderness
  95. Vascular Plant Image Gallery

  96. Regional Organizatons
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- Region 5  Info on air, education , Greatlakes, toxics and water.
    Sharing Environmental Educaton Knowledge (SEEK)Minnesota's interactive directory of EE resources
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceInfo on habitats, wildlife, environmental contaminants and training opportunities.

    LOCAL ACTION ON SIUE CAMPUS -  SEAC (Student  Environmental Action Coalition) Currently directed by Matt Gebhardt  for information email at mgebhar@siue.edu

    or see their preliminary webpage

    Useful Links

  97. Welcome to Amazon.com Books! Earth’s Biggest Bookstore & Music
  98. Ensuring Equity and Excellence in Science
  99. Getting into Step:  Effective Media Communications in Your Watershed - site contains 3 sections:  Developing outreach, outreach materials and working with media.
  100. Illinois Science and Math Literacy Network
  101. Nonprofit assistance  - links to 300,000 government web pages with info on grants, budgets, volunteer opportunities and agency partnerships.

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