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Call Rates
Type of Call Rate per Minute Hours
Local (within 22 mile radius of the Edwardsville campus in Illinois) $.02 All the time
St. Louis Metro (within a 40 mile radius of the Edwardsville campus to St. Louis area phone exchanges) $.10 All the time
All other domestic calls $.20
7 a.m. through 7 p.m.
Monday through Friday
7 p.m. through 7 a.m.
Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends
International calls vary by country vary by time of day and day of week
Service Charges
Appear as "Other Charges and Credits" (OCC) on Usage Reports
Type of Service Cost Variables
Add. A new service or equipment is installed or programmed $20.00 to $150.00 Cost varies depending upon
  • whether the room is already wired for connectivity,
  • whether the add is a feature (such as Voice Mail or ACD), or an actual telephone installation.
Caller ID Charge. Modify or change the caller ID displayed for a specific extension. $2.00 Charge per change. Requires a service requisition.
Change. Modify or change any feature on an existing service. $20.00
(plus expedite fees when applicable)
Charge is per line, not per change. Requires a service requisition.
Move. Existing service is moved to another location. $20.00
(plus expedite fees when applicable.)
Charge is per phone. Requires a service requisition.
Password Reset. Reset the password required to access the voicemail for a specific extension. $2.00 Charge per change. Requires a service requisition.
PBN Assign. Create, modify, or change the Personal Billing Number (PBN) required to call outside the campus. $3.00 Charge per PBN. Requires a service requisition.
Project. Any combination of changes, installations, or moves that equal more than 8 total work orders. Will be calculated. A project plan will be created and the cost based upon either:
  • the time and materials spent, OR
  • the cost of individual work orders,
whichever is less.
Expedite Fees . The normal turn-around time for work orders is 7 to 10 working days, although we are normally able to complete them in less time. We can arrange for work to be completed based upon your deadline, however an expedite fee will be charged to cover the overtime costs in rearranging schedules. $105.00 minimum Charge is per line and will be based upon the time required and the complexity of work to be performed.
Equipment Rental Fees
Appear as Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) on Usage Reports
Equipment Charge
M2008 Standard Digital Telephone $25.00
M2616 High End Digital Telephone $39.00
M522 Expansion Module $45.00
Automated Attendant $7.00
Cordless Phones $25.00
Data Connection $5.00
Dial tone only (fax/modem/alarm line) $21.50
Enhanced Call Processor $50.00
Information Only Mailbox $21.50

Procedure for Depositing Personal Call Reimbursements

The deposit is made at the Bursar's Office with a Collection Report filled out by the Fiscal Officer or Fiscal Officer Delegate as follows (items in bold should be entered exactly as shown):

Collection Report Line Item Content
Payer's Name Budget Purpose to be credited - Month the calls were made (i.e. 721xxx - May 2009)
Budget Purpose 733364
Object 1272
Departmental Usage Report
For immediate access by Departmental Fiscal Officers and/or Officer Delegates to your departmental phone bill, CLICK HERE and enter your :
  • EID, and
  • Password.
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