The Old Guys

Hot Ginger and Dynamite

"This is the third album by the Old Guys Jazz band and - we think - the best.  Our album title is taken from the words of "Nagasaki."  The marvelous cover (in the style of Held) is by our good friend John Richardson."   (Taken from back of the album cover)


                                  Side I                                                                                                         Side II

1.    Nagasaki (Dixon / Warren)                                                                 1.    Rose of Washington Square (MacDonald / Hanley)

2.    The Pearls (Jelly Roll Morton)                                                             2.    Original Rags (Scott Joplin)

3.    A Good Man is Hard to Find (Green)                                                   3.    Sweet Substitute (Jelly Roll Morton) 

4.    Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie / Pinkard / Casey)                                 4.    Wolverine Blues (Jelly Role Morton)



Cornet: Dan Havens

Trombone: Dean Wiley

Clarinet: Warren Brown

Piano: Zeke Holden, Bill Feeney, Jean Kittrell

Banjo: Jack Ades

Bass: Ray Helsel

Drums: Jim Hansen


Jean Kittrell

Dan Havens, Warren Brown and Deane Wiley

Produced by:

Dane Havens / Deane Wiley and Parvin Tramel


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