Lloyd Smith

        Woodwind jazz musician and influential instructor

        Birth:                            May 28, 1914?

        Death:                          April 8, 1999

        Birthplace:                    Lexington, KY

        Date of Interview:         February 24, 1982 (Narratorís Home)

                                March 10, 1982 (SIUE)

        Interviewers:                 W. Deane Wiley (2/24/82)

                                Dan Havens(3/10/82)


Lloyd Smith graduated from Sumner High School and continued advanced music studies.  He performed with Fate Marable, Charles Creath and Dewey Jackson on the riverboats and with Eddie Johnsonís Crackerjacks.  He distinguished himself as lead alto saxophonist and flutist with Earl Hinesí Orchestra and substituted for Johnny Hodges in Duke Ellingtonís Orchestra in 1947.  Mr. Smith also operated his own music studio.  Among his students were his sons, Dwayne and Dwight Bosman, the popular Bosman Twins of St. Louis.  Other notable students were John Coltrane, Chad Evans, Gerald DeClue, and Hammiet Blewett.  In 1997, a tribute to Lloyd Smith was held; it was attended by more than 700 people.

For the table of contents for the Interview of Lloyd Smith, please click on this link:  Oral History and Research Materials:  Lloyd Smith

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