Lesson Plan [pdf] [doc]


La Géeographie de la France

The Geography of France


Supplementary Materials

Geography Vocabulary PowerPoint [pdf] [ppt]

Geography names & features handout [pdf] [doc]

France outline transparency [pdf] [doc]

France outline handout [pdf] [doc]


Teacher:           Madame Jansen

Title:                 La Géographie de la France

Time:                50 minutes

Subject:            French

Grade Level:     High School French 1


First year French students have already learned some classroom commands and vocabulary relating to greetings, colors, numbers, weather, and classroom objects.

This unit focuses on the political and physical geography of France and conjugating the verb “être” which means “to be” in the present tense in French.  Students have had limited exposure to the vocabulary words and geography of France prior to this lesson.


The goal of this lesson is to review vocabulary relating to physical geography of France.


At the end of this lesson, High School French 1 students will be able to correctly state the French word for 5 geographical features, given a picture of each object.


At the end of this lesson, High School French 1 students will be able to correctly locate specific geographical features of France, given a basic map of the country.

Illinois State Learning Standards


Imitate pronunciation, intonation and inflection including sounds unique to the target language.


Identify and use simple geography vocabulary (e.g., border, city, river, soil, equator) of the target language.


Use maps, charts, digital images, graphs and other geographic 
representations to describe and discuss the countries where the target language is spoken.

ACTFL Standards for Foreign Language Learning

Standard 1.1: Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions               

Standard 2.2: Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the products and perspectives of the culture studied         

Standard 4.2: Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the cultures studied and their own.

Required Materials

1) Geography vocabulary PowerPoint

2) 2 ft. lengths of string for each student

3) Geography names & features handout

4) Overhead projector

5) Scissors for each student

6) France outline transparency

7) Magnetized geographic names and features

8) France outline handout


Tell students that today, we’re going to continue practicing geography vocabulary.  We will also practice locating some political and physical geographical features of France.


Display geography vocabulary power point.  Practice recalling and pronouncing correctly French names for various physical geographical features.  Ask if there are any questions about the vocabulary words  Media #1 (5-10 minutes)

Major Activities

Distribute lengths of string to each student.  Demonstrate how to tie the ends together to form a circle.  Ask students to create the rough outline of France on their desks.  Remind students that France is known as L’Hexagone (The Hexagon).


Distribute geography handout and scissors to each student.  Ask students to individually cut geographical features of France and to place them on their maps.  Ask students to check their work with a partner. Media #2 (15 minutes)

Project transparency of France outline directly onto chalkboard.  Display magnetized geographic names next to map on chalkboard.  Call on a various students to place magnetized features in correct location on map.  Check students’ understanding. Media #3, Media #4 (5 minutes)

Repeat activity with names of important cities of France and countries surrounding France. (15 minutes)

Closing Routines and Homework

Pass out France outline handout and Ziploc bags.  Ask students to place cut-apart names and features in bags to take home.


For homework, students will use names and features from lesson as cues to label and or draw cities/countries/geographical features in their correct location on the France outline handout. Media #5 (5 minutes)


Formative - The teacher will observe the students as they are working individually and in pairs to complete maps.  She will also observe students as they are placing magnetized names and features on projected map on board.

Summative – The teacher will evaluate the students’ homework for completion and accurateness.  She will also use this homework to evaluate the need to re-teach or clarify specific points in future lessons.

Future Classes

Future classes will use Google Earth and illustrated books to further explore the geography of France. 

Students will also continue to practice geography vocabulary and explore the geography of France through a group project based on a specific region of France.


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