ECE 405: ECE Design Laboratory, 3 hours credit.

Professor: Dr. Scott E Umbaugh Office: Engineering Building, Room E B3037

Phone: 650-2524, 2948 e-mail:

Course Description: Realization of the senior project designed on paper in ECE 404, including construction, computer simulation, debugging, and testing as required by the project to obtain a functional prototype.

Textbooks: Primary text: Design for Electrical and Computer Engineers, Ford and Coulston, McGraw-Hill, 2005

Reference text: The Art of Electronics, Horowitz and Hill, Cambridge University Press, 2015 (3rd edition). Companion Student Manual is available in Bookstore.

Goals and Objectives: To apply general design concepts and methodologies. This will be done through the experience of applying ECE knowledge learned in the general ECE courses to the realization of the senior project. This will be done in a simulated work environment, using a standard management hierarchy. ECE faculty are available as project consultants.



  • 1 Meet on Friday to schedule meetings – Read Chapters 7 & 10 in Ford and Coulston text
  • 2 Hand-in progress report, put in my mailbox
  • 3 Meet with professor, hand-in proposed schedule and test plan, bring design notebook
  • 4 Meet with professor to discuss project, bring design notebook
  • 5 Hand-in progress report
  • 6 Meet with professor to discuss project, bring design notebook
  • 7 Meet with professor to discuss presentation and project, complete and submit the ECE Exit Survey
  • 8 Senior design presentations, hand-in final report

Grading: In general, the design will be graded on the following:

  • complexity - is the design of sufficient complexity to be a senior ECE project?
  • completeness - have the defined specifications been met?
  • effectiveness - will it solve the problem, does it work?
  • originality - is it an original design?
  • professionalism - Are the electronics on a PCB? Is the packaging professional?
  • clarity of documentation - is it complete and understandable?

The term grade will be determined as follows:

Note: For the schedule and test plan, each progress report and the final report, each group member will submit an evaluation of each group members work, including themselves. This is a total of four (4) evaluations. These will follow the same format used in ECE 404.


TOTAL 100%

Letter grades assigned as follows:

NOTE! A grade of I (Incomplete) will be given ONLY in cases of documented emergencies !

  • 90% - 100% .... A Excellent
  • 80% - 90% ...... B Good
  • 70% - 80% ...... C Satisfactory
  • 60% - 70% ...... D Poor
  • 0% - 60% ......... E Failure