University Archives

This collection includes retired records from the various component offices of the institution, plus documents issued as publications, such as catalogs, faculty/staff directories, yearbooks, the campus newspaper, and the alumni magazine.

SIUE Collection

Books and monographs authored by SIUE faculty members are grouped together under this designation. Scholarly articles by faculty are collected as well.

Shurtleff College

Shurtleff College, a Baptist institution in Alton, Illinois, ceased operation on June 30, 1957. It was leased as a residence center prior to the construction of the Edwardsville campus and eventually became the home of the university's dental school. Publications by and about Shurtleff College are retained.
Mississippi River Festival
The Mississippi River Festival at SIUE originated as a summer activity featuring the artists of the St. Louis Symphony. During the 1970s, the MRF evolved into a venue for the leading popular musicians, dancers, and actors of the day. The records of the MRF constitute a part of the University Archives.

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