FSSNOC, INC., d.b.a.

What is the FSSNOC all about?

Basically, we are a gruop of unusual motorcyclists who own and enjoy an increasingly unique breed of motorcycle - the FOUR-STROKE SINGLE.

Where is the FSSNOC located?

To facilitate serving our nationwide membership, our headquarters are located just a few miles form the exact geographic center of the continental United States in Hutchinson, Kansas, USA. (1-316-663-1869).

What do we do?

The primary goal of our organization is to increase your enjoyment and appreciation of the most versatile and time-honored machine in the history of motorcycling.

But that's not all!

We offer you, our members, a nationwide communication network linking you with fellow Thumper owners who ride the dirt, tour coast-to-coast, own and restore valuable and prestigious classics or antiques, commute to and from work, roadrace, flattrack, the list goes on and on . . . We publish Thumper News, a quarterly compilation of facts, photos, and fun and it's all about four-stroke singles.

We feature free want ads, tech tips, roadtests, ride reports, motorcycle safety articles, and much, much more!

Do we do rallies? You bet! We gather at National, Regional, and local events to talk of our adventures and share our boundless enthusiasm for the four-stroke single.

JOIN Us.....and tell a friend!

"Wait a minute - how much does all this cost me and What do I get?"

Only $30 for USA membership and $38 for International membership. You'll receive a full 12 month memebership in the FSSNOC, a club decal, a membership card, club business cards, a FREE club T-shirt, and the opportunity for endless fraternization with fellow Thumper enthusiasts . . . all this plus Thumper News!

". . . a FREE shirts?"

Yes, you'll receive the latest issue of Thumper News and a FSSNOC shirt by return mail FREE with initial membership.

"OKAY . . . Sign me up!"




Zip_______________Shirt Size______________

Phone (____) ______________Age___________

I understand that the FSSNOC cannot assume responsibility for any aspect of my safety and that if I participate in any member gathering, I do so voluntarily on my own assessment of all facilities and conditions, assuming all risks; and I release and hold the FSSNOC and FSSNOC director Jack Robinson harmless for any injury or loss to my peron or property which may result therefrom.

Signature Required____________________________________________________

Please make checks and money orders (in U.S. funds) payable to: FSSNOC
and mail to:

P.O. Box 1809
Hutchinson, KS   67504-1809


Tell Us About Yourself

My Favorite Single:______________________________________

My Motorcycling Interests are:
___ % Street, Commuting
___ % Road, Touring
___ % Dual Sport
___ % Off Road/Competition
___ % Restoration/Vintage/Antique

I've Been Riding for ____________ Years.

I currently Own ______________ Singles.

I Currently Own ______________ Other M/C.

I First Learned of FSSNOC from __________________________________.

I Belong to the Following Clubs:


Club Directory (C.A.M.)

___ YES - Club Members May Call Me at ____-____-______

___ NO - Don't Bug Me!

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