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Roger C. Hill

Emeritus Professor of Physics
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

Address:   Physics Department, Box 1654
Southern Illinois University
Edwardsville, IL 62026-1654
Phone:   618-650-2472 (Physics Office)


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Interests and Activities

  • Professional Activities
    • Currently writing a textbook on senior-level quantum mechanics.
  • Recreational Mathematics, Computers, and Programming
    • Programmable Calculators (particularly Hewlett-Packard)
      • The Museum of HP Calculators (by David Hicks) - A comprehensive source of information, particularly on the older models. Also information on earlier calculating machines and slide rules.
      • Hewlett Packard and Handheld/Palmtop Links (by Jake Schwartz) - References to calculator information and user groups.
      • Joe Horn's Sundry Diversions (by Joseph Horn) - Information on HP calculators; interesting problems in math, science, and other topics.
      • HHC (Hewlett-Packard Handheld Conference) - An annual meeting of users of Hewlett-Packard handheld calculators/computers, sometimes hosted by Hewlett-Packard dedicated to getting the most from Hewlett-Packard calculators, exploring new directions in calculator technology, and documenting the history of calculator technology and the user community.
      • HPCC (Handheld And Portable Computer Club) - Based in England; again devoted to getting the most from Hewlett-Packard handheld and portable computers.
    • TeX Users Group - Dedicated to getting the most out of the TeX typesetting system which was designed by Donald Knuth in the late 1970's and still the ultimate in high-quality mathematical and other typesetting.
    • Web Site Writing
  • Astronomy and Photography
    • Astronomical Applications (U.S. Naval Observatory) - Astronomical data; references; FAQ's about astronomical phenomena, calendars, calculation of Easter, etc.
    • Sky & Telescope - A long-standing popular magazine for amateur astronomers.  Astronomical news and other resources.
    • Cometography and Meteor Showers Online (by SIUE alumnus Gary W. Kronk) - Current events, basic information, and references.
    • National Space Science Data Center - NASA's archive for space science mission data.
    • Star Gazer - Originally by Jack Horkheimer (1938-2010); a weekly 5-minute program on naked-eye astronomy seen on many PBS television stations.
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
    • Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society - Founded in 1934; the world's oldest continuously-meeting science fiction club.
    • Star Trek (Paramount Pictures) - Includes episode listings and synopses of all of the Star Trek television series and movies.
    • Red Dwarf - The British television series that parodied just about every aspect of science fiction.
  • Folk Dancing and Folk Music
    • International Folk Dance Association of University City - Activities; schedules; maps; references to other sites of ethnic and folk interest.  Currently Secretary of the Board of Directors.
    • Friends of Tuva - Dedicated to spreading interest in Tuva and its culture, with particular interest in khoomei (throat singing).  Interest in this small central-Asian republic (formerly Tannu Tuva) was stimulated by the renowned theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate Richard Feynman.
  • Medieval and Renaissance Music and Instruments
    • Medieval Music & Arts Foundation - A very comprehensive source of information designed to bring early music to the general public.  FAQ's on the nature of Medieval and Renaissance music, recordings, concerts, etc.  Also information on traditional world music.
    • Musica Antiqua - An early-music performing group at Iowa State University.  Includes a guide to Medieval and Renaissance instruments, and links to other early-music resourses.
  • Not-So-Early Music
    • Harry Partch - American composer (1901-1974) who turned away from conventional musical traditions, devised a scale with 43 tones to the "octave", built his own instruments, and produced many compositions often based on folk elements.  Among the many web sites are:
      • Harry Partch Information Center (Montclair State University, New Jersey) - Information on Partch, the Harry Partch Ensemble, instruments, events, links.
      • Corporeal Meadows (by Jonathan Szanto, who worked with Partch) - Historical notes; information on recordings and performances; details on some of Partch's compositions.
  • Railroads and Model Railroading, especially Trolleys and Interurbans
    • National Model Railroad Association - Founded in 1935; devoted to the development, promotion, and enjoyment of the hobby of model railroading.  Organization information; model railroad standards; directory of World-Wide Rail Sites.
    • The Model Train Magazine Index - An index to model railroad magazines from 1933 to the present.  Allows searches by magazine, category, title, author, etc.
    • - Product news and other items from Kalmbach Publishing Co., publisher of Model Railroader, Trains, and other magazines.
    • Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) - History of streetcars and interurbans in the Los Angeles area; on-line bookstore; meeting information; links to other sites on railroads and southern-California history.
    • Orange Empire Railway Museum (Perris, CA) - One of the largest operating railroad museums; has the largest collection of streetcars and interurbans from the Los Angeles area as well as other steam, Diesel, and electric equipment.  Site includes a "virtual trip" on one of the museum's operating trolleys.
    • Illinois Railway Museum (Union, IL) - Another of the largest operating railroad museums; has an extensive collection of midwest streetcars and interurbans as well as steam and Diesel equipment.  History, equipment rosters, newsletters, projects in progress, schedules of operation, etc.
    • Illinois Traction Society - Devoted to study and recollections of the now-gone Illinois Traction / Illinois Terminal interurban system.  Produces a magazine, newsletter, and calendar, and holds a meeting every spring in cities and towns where the railroad operated.
    • South Shore Line (Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad) - Generally considered the last surviving interurban line in the United States, now owned and operated by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District.  History, map, schedules, fares, and other information.
    • MetroLink - St. Louis' light rail system which opened in 1993 and doubled in length in 2001.  See also . . .
    • Citizens for Modern Transit (St. Louis, MO) - A transit support group which has been instrumental in promoting the planning, building, and extending of MetroLink in the St. Louis area.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Frogs and Toads - Here is some sites that treat the subject quite extensively:
      • Michele's Frog Page (Michele Maki) - Pictures, postcards, jokes, translations into many languages, etc.
      • Welcome to Frogland! (Dorota) - Just about every aspect of frogs and toads, again including translations into other languages.

Photo at top of page shows the author playing a Bulgarian gaida (bagpipe) at the International Folk Dance Association of University City (thanks to fellow folk dancer Gene Woodford for the photo).

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