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Website for working papers: Click here

Harvard Business Review ~ Harvard Business School Listservs ~ HBS Finance Faculty ~ Hedge Funds ~ Dow Theory ~ OANDA Currency exchange rates ~ Pitfalls of data analysis ~ Finance Glossary ~ ISI Emerging Markets ~ FED St. Louis ~ Assoc. for Finance Professionals ~ Research-Finance ~

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European Fin. Mgmt ~ Quant. Fin ~ JFR ~ RFS ~ FAJ ~ JB ~ JF ~ JFE ~ FR ~ IREF ~ JFQA ~ RQFA ~ App. Fin. Econ. ~ All Journals (Ohio State) ~ Academic Journals on the Internet ~ JRisk ~ FM ~ Sci&Fin ~ Fin& Stochastics ~ Math Fin. ~ Rev Deriv. Research ~ J. Comp Fin ~

Columbia ~ Cornell ~ Wharton ~ UCSD ~ IFCI ~ NBER ~ NYSE ~ NYU-Stern ~ Northwestern ~ Yale ~ SSRN ~ JSTOR ~ Idealab ~ ECONBase ~ Econ Resources ~ Econ. WP Archive ~ REPEC ~ IDEAS ~ FINWEB ~ StatUSA ~ More ~ Stockholm ~ Mc. Neil ~ WashU Seminars ~

Academy of Management Online ~ American Econ. History Assoc. ~ Bank of America ~ MEEA ~ American Econ. Assoc. ~ AEA ~ FMA ~ AFA ~ SFA ~ MFA ~ EFA ~ MEA ~ FEN ~ Ohio State Finance ~ IAFE [Int'l Assoc. of Financial Engineers] ~ CRSP ~ INFORMS Finance ~ McKinsey Quarterly ~ Soc. of Financial Studies ~ Institutional Investor ~ IMF ~ Cowles Found (Yale) ~ World Bank ~ OECD ~ Federal Reserve Board ~

Classification Codes: JEL Classification Codes ~
Computational Finance: Mathematics of Financial Derivatives ~ Mathematics Links ~ Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus Resource Page ~ Stochastic Finance ~ Stochastics of Finance[from Ivilina Popova] ~ William Ziemba ~ Sweden ~ VaR ~ Florida Financial Engineering Wilmott's homepage Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus Resource Page ~ Financial Risk Management bookstore ~ RiskTURK ~ Financial Derivatives ~ From Sweden ~ MIT Financial Engineering Lab ~ Risk Metrics WebsiteGlobal Assoc. of Risk ProfessionalsComputational EconomicsFinMath NYU Math. Finance ~
Correlation Asymmetry: Joe Chen ~
Data Sources:  INFORUM EconData ~ FRED (Fed. STL) ~ BLS (Bureau of Labor Stastistics ~ US Census Bureau ~ Data Archive-J. of Applied Econometics ~ Data Archive-J. of Business and Economic Stastistics ~ International Divisia Database ~ Pen World Data (Summers-Heston Data) ~ Social Science Data Collection (UC San Diego) ~ Panel Study of Income Dynamics ~ Implied Volatilities 1 | 2 ~ FEDSTATS ~ FEDERAL RESERVE ~ BEA National Data ~ ECONOMIC DATA ~ Fama French Data ~ EconoMagic ~ Futures Industry Assoc. ~ Futures Data ~ Options Data ~ Wharton Data ~
Derivatives: Derivative Sites on the Web (by Don M. Chance) ~Risk~ More on Derivatives  (by The Journal of Finance) ~ Sherlock InvestingHerd Psychology Resource Page ~
Philadelphia Exchange PHLXLondon International Financial Futures and Options Exchange LIFFELondon Metal Exchange LMENY Mercantile Exchange NYMEXChicago Mercantile Exchange CME

Extreme Value Theory: Xtremes ~
Financial Crisis: NYU ~ MIT
Government Research Centers: Fed World Library of Congress Bureau of Labour Statics US Census BureauSECNBER
Loss Aversion: P. Shumway
Market Anomalies: Investor Home ~ January Effect ~ Statistics Canada ~ In The Money(Toronto Stock Exchange) ~
Option Valuation: Financepress ~
People: Directory of Finance and Econ Professionals ~ Donald Lien ~ Bruno Solnik ~ William Christie ~ Index of people in Economics & Finance [by Gonšalo L. Fonseca] ~ Nobel Laureates in Economic ScienceSteven LandburgGlenn Shafer and Vladimir VovkJohn Hull Univ. of TorontoRene Stulz Ohio State Phillippe Jorion UC Irvine 
Publishers: Springer Journals~ Routledge Journals European Business Forum ~ CambridgeChicagoColumbia ~ Duke ~ Harcourt College ~ Harvard ~ Indiana~ MIT ~ New York ~ Oxford ~ Princeton ~ Stanford ~ Texas A&M ~ Texas Tech ~ UCal ~ Michigan ~ UTexas ~ UWashington ~ Yale ~
Rationality/Behavioral Finance: Market EfficiencyRobert Shiller ~
Regime Switching: Kim and FingerJames Hamilton ~
SIC Codes: SIC search ~ SIC codes ~ II ~ III ~ NAICS
Glossary of Futures&Options Terms
Teaching:  OSU | II | III ~ Carnegie ~ Investments | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ~ UCLA ~ WSU ~ Missouri ~ History of Math ~ W. Goetzmann [Yale] | Present ~

Bayesian Networks - Artificial Intelligence - Uncertain Reasoning

ACM:Computing Research RepositoryAT&T Bell Labs. peopleAmerican Association for Artificial IntelligenceAssociation for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ~ Artificial Intelligence Resources Artificial Intelligence Subject Index Artificial Intelligence (journal)
Bayesian Biography Bayesian Knowledge Discovery Belief Functions (Phillippe Smets)
Carnegie Mellon Philosophy Department CMU Homepage CMU AI Repository Computing Research Repository[CoRR] Cognitive Science Society CORDIS[European Community Research and Development Information Service]
Decision Sciences Institute ~
Electronic transactions in AI European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence ~
IGERT [Learning and action in the face of uncertainty: Cognitive, Comput'l & Stat'l approaches] Information and Computer Science University of CaliforniaIrvine CSP-repository International Society of Information Fusion Intelligent Agent Technology ~ IRIT [Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse] ~
Journal of AI Research ~ Journals in AI from Castillo [Guiterrez, Hadi(97)] - PartI | PartII ~
KDNuggets™ Directory: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Resources Knowledge Industries ~ Randall Matignon SAS Enterprise Miner ~ Knowledge and Information Systems Journal
Madrid Technical University, Decision Analysis Group Microsoft ResearchMichigan AI
NASA Computer Science
NCSTRL homepage[Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library] Neural Network, Neural Science and related journals Nottingham AI Group ~
Practical Applications ~
Royal Statistical Society Research Workshop in Stochastic Networks ~
SJF: for belief networks Stanford Computer Science ~ Stanford Medical Informatics Stochastic networks web ~ Stochastic optimal control SIGACT [Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory]
The certainty of uncertainty (Michael Rogers) The Data Mine ~
UAI maillist asrchive University of Roma[Computer Science] ~
WWW AI Virtual Library ~

Operations Research/Management Science --> Up

INFORMS INFORMS Decision Analysis INFORMS PubsOnline ~ ORMS ORMS Decision Sciences Web Operations Research mailing lists and newsgroups ~

Decision Analysis presentationsJim Dyer ~ Decision Sciences Institute ~

Links to AI personal homepages (grouped by last names)

People: Directory of researchers ~ Homepage search ~ Phillippe SMETS ~ Judea Pearl | Causality ~ DBLP Comp Sci Directory ~
Learning BayesNets from Data by Nir Friedman, Moises Goldszmidt

Software--> Up

ABEL Modeling language for problems in the domain of assumption-based reasoning.

ANALYTICA 1.2 by Lumina -[1-month free trial] Analytica provides influence diagrams, but it has much widerapplicationthan a conventionalbelief net/ID solver.

BUGS [Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling]designed for continuous-variable models



EXSYS Expert systems software.

GENIE [Grapichal Network Interface by DSL]: A program for building and  reasoning about BN'sand influencediagrams in Win95/NT environments.
HUGIN HUGIN Light for Windows 95/NT is a graphic system for developing and manipulatingBayesian networksand influencediagrams. One limitation is that it does not accept networkswith more than 200 states.
MATHEMATICA Webmathematica~
NETICA Bayesian net / influence diagram software package. It has a very smooth graphical editor, andcan do many of the operationssuitable for teaching, such as showing what happens when links are reversed, showing the markovnet, triangulated net, andjunction tree, a multi-level undooperation for fast what-if experiments, simple examples provided. Updates
Precision Trees From

WEBWEAVR-III Supports the construction of Bayesian networks, inference in standard and dynamic Bayesiannetworks anddecomposableMarkov networks, construction and verification of multiply sectionedBayesian networks (MSBNs),inference in multi-agentMSBNs, and learning decomposableMarkovnetworks.
X-pert Nets [by Castillo, Guiterrez, Hadi]Expert system shell.
Belief Networks Software Website
Free Bayesian Networks Software [from Kevin Murphy]

Statistics--> Up

American Statistical Association Interesting JAVA Applets MCMC Preprint Service Statistics Finland - Statistics in the Internet Statistics on the Web Statistics Links Gary Ramseyer's Archives of Statistics Fun POPTools (Excel add-in) ~ 3D Visualization ~ J. Charnes ~ Stat. Book on the web ~

Real Options --> Up

Robert McDonald Robert F. Nau

Who is who in rational decision making [by Robert Nau]

The Probability WebProbability Theory As Extended Logic Realoptions

Links to Agent Based Simulation 

Artificial Stock Market ~ Genetic Algorithms ~ Modelling Technique ~ Programming for social scientists ~ Santa Fe Institute ~ ~ Exploring Emergence ~ Knowledge Media Institute ~ Iowa State CS ~ Artificial Life ~ InfoSpiders ~ Dynamical Systems ~


UNIX Support Group ~ Turkiye Dokumantasyon Merkezleri Listesi ~ GNU Project ~ GNU ~ CYGWIN ~ Linux Cookbook ~ Linux-Modem ~

LATEX ~ LaTex Tutorial ~ Tex Tutorial ~ PDFLatex 2|LatexPDF ~ Tex Archive ~ FoilTEX ~ SlidesTEX ~ Latex EDIT ~

Open source development with CVS ~ Gauss1 ~ Gauss2 ~ Gauss3 ~ Modem ~ WinEdit ~ Textpad ~

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Publishers: Book/Publisher LinksMcGraw-Hill- (rep) | Textbooks Prentice-Hall- (rep) | Finance Center | Academic Catalog Duxbury|(rep)MIT Press
Elsevier ~ Thomson | rep Kluwer Oxford Univ. Press Taylor and Francis Addison Wesley (rep) ~ Wiley Higher Education (Jane Doub)
Applied Decision Analysis LLC Dash Optimization Gams Imagine That ~ John Wiley LINDO Systems Maximal Software ~ Oxford Univ. Press Palisade Corp ~ Paragon Decision Tech SIAM South-Western College Publishing Springer-Verlag New York Visual Decision ~ Wolfram Research ~
Job Stuff: Chronicle of Higher Education[job hunting] ~ SALARY Comparisons ~ Faculty Salaries ~ Landing an academic job ~ US Weather Almanac ~ Census Tiger Map ~ Real Estate ~ Best Places ~ Job Advice ~

Job Openings: Chronicle Academic Careers ~ ORMS ~ INFORMS Placement ~ DSI ~ AIS AFA ~ FEN ~ FMA ~ AEA ~
Non-academic: Careers in business Robert Half Investment Positions FinCareer Bloomberg Careers Finance Professor

Funding: Funding Alert (AACSB) Amer. assoc. for university professionals ~
Discussion Groups: Mailing list directoryPublicly accessible mailing - ListsThe list of listsBill Trohim's Center for Social Research MethodsFussy Professor Starbuck's Cookbook of Handy - dandy Prescriptions for Ambitious Academic AuthorsMind Tools - Information SkillsTPM: The Philosophers Magazine ~

E-Conferences: Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences ~

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