Hour Money for Global Harmony

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Bob at home.

Bob's Hour Money Site

This will take you to more detail about money problems and solutions.

Local Currencies

Links to Ithaca Hours and other Local Currency Sites.

History of the Metric System

Adoption of Hour Money could be like adoption of the metric system, although we hope more rapid.

World Currency

World currency advocates identify the advantages of a single world currency, while I am advocating a single world standard money unit which would leave countries sovereignty over their own money.

American Monetary Institute.

The AMI wants the government to issue the base money supply of the nation, but gives defining a standard money unit lower priority.

Provisional World Parliament

The PWP adopted an hour of work as the world money unit in 2004 at its meeting in India. In 2007, meeting in Togo, Africa, it named the currency "Earth Hours" with a circle and cross to symbolize the unity of human beings, North, South, West and East.

Institute for Economic Democracy

This site focuses on ending the long history of economic exploitation of the many by the few. It has many books available to read about it. I found J.W. Smith's books, The World's Wasted Wealth and Economic Democracy: The Political Struggle of the Twenty First Century especially helpful.

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