COOPERATION®: The Wealth of Nations Game®

COOPERATION®: The Wealth of Nations Game® exists both as a board game and a computer game. Its purpose is to simulate four ways to exchange resources:

BARTER: exchange of one resource for another.

MAJORITY RULE: exchange governed by voting, the socialist game.

MAKING MONEY: exchange with money created as interest-bearing debt whose value is undefined, the capitalist game, and.

AUTONOMY: exchange with money that originates as citizen shares defined in work time.

Each player, up to six, manages one city of 20,000 people for three "generations."

Each player's goal is to obtain five resources for their city employing the fewest people to get them: food, fiber, wood, metal, and fuel. Players get 10 resource points for each different resource they obtain for their city, plus one free time point for each 1,000 people they do not employ to obtain those resources. The highest score is 70. The goal is to be effective and, at the time, efficient.

Game Picture. Bob Gill and Bob Blain invented the game and believe that AUTONOMY simulates the ideal system. It was developed over twenty five years of sociology classes playing the game, each time correcting problems until we found a system that would produce wealth for everyone with a minimum of work.

Download COOPERATION®: The Wealth of Nations Game® here. Cooperation Version 6

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