The Preface

Modified January 5 by Me!

Use this website to help plan for our first ever Alhambra Lowland Mud Mowers trip.

Cast of Characters

In Alphabetical Order (with Bio Pages and Pictures Forthcoming):

Itinery and Stuff

Sometime during the month of July, the Route 140/Davis Road area will empty out while neighbors Bluhm, Maine and Take travel to Florida.

Along the way, I am sure we will encounter fun and frivolity. Who can forget the infamous Suburban air conditioning problem or the Van in the Mountains episode. I am sure we will also encounter many a road side flea market and antique/junk store along the way.

Once in Florida, we will be staying (tentatively) at Casa La Jolla in Kissimmee. Looks like a pretty nice place. For the kids it will be like a big slumber party. For the adults, it will be like a big slumber party for kids!