Sweezey Family: Sweezey, Swayze, Swezey, Klein, Howell, Havens, Hawkins, Tuthill, Conklin, Horton, Biggs, Ruland, Eschamp, Cuypers, Arthur.

Avery Family: Avery, Edwards, Hull, Dipple, Conkling, Gardiner, Launder, Mulford, Copener, Widdrington, Grandsden, Hedges, Stratton, Cole, Stranbourgh, Post.

Distant Family: John Conklin (1598-1684), Annanias Conklin (1594-1684), Charles VII - King of France (1403-1461), St. Louis IX - King of France (1214-1270), Alfred the Great - King of England (849-901), Egbert - King of England (775-837), Offa - King of Mercia (757-795), Cedric - King of Wessex (ab. 467).


I am looking to find information on the parents of Captain Nelson Sweezey, who lived on Long Island, New York during the early part of the nineteenth century. If anyone knows of any information to help me fill out the chart below please contact me. C. Otis Sweezey

I am also looking for information on the following two people who may be related to Captain Nelson Sweezey. If you have any information please contact me. C. Otis Sweezey


Excellent Site for Additional Information on the Sweezey Family Tree.


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