Areas of Interest/Specialization
Sino-Tibetan/Tibeto-Burman Tonology,
Acoustic & Articulatory Phonetics, Sound Change
Phonological Typology,
Language Documentation,
Language Contact, Language Endangerment, Maintenance &  Preservation
Kristine Hildebrandt

Kristine A. Hildebrandt
Associate Professor
English Language & Literature
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
2227 Peck Hall
Edwardsville IL 62026 U.S.A.
office phone: 618 650-3380
khildeb 'at'

Linguistics is the study of language systems, including the structural and functional-usage patterns that identify language as a species-unique system of communication. Sub-disciplines of linguistics include phonetics (speech sound production and perception), phonology (the cross-language and mental patternings/organizations of sounds as they contribute to meaning), morphology (word formation, structure, and word histories), syntax (word combinations into larger units), semantics (meaning at morphological and syntactic levels), pragmatics (meaning as part of larger communicative contexts), discourse analysis (language use), typology (cross-linguistic comparison and the search for/testing of universals), sociolinguistics (the interaction of linguistic and social variables), linguistic anthropology (the interaction of language and culture), historical linguistics (the historical development, including birth and death, of languages), evolutionary linguistics (language origins), first and second language acquisition (in children and adults), language documentation & description, and neurolinguistics/psycholinguistics (language and the brain).

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