- Ted Nelson's Xanadu Project idea began in 1960.
- Idea was publishers pay for storage and the user pays for delivery including a royalty (micropayment)
- This system would address the copyright issue through his transccopyright idea
- The word hypertext was originally coined by the creators of Xanadu
- Link is between one region of text and another region of text; unbreakable and unchangable
- Xanadu would also allow the direct inclusion of parts of other documents
- By 1995 Xanadu was considered vaporware
- Inspired Apple's Hypercard, LotusNotes & Mosaic
- 1998 Nelson shifted his emphasis to open source, and began the Zig-Zag software project
- In 1999 Nelson placed the Xanadu code unfinished into public hands, now Udanax
- Xanadu webstie now talks about the new Xanadu structure for the web. VLIT info can be found at mozdev.org and Sourceforge
(Watch the dates on the Xanadu web pages, some have not been updated since 1994)

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