Kelly J. Barry, PhD

Assistant Professor

Biological Sciences and

Office of Science and Mathematics Education


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Box 1651

Edwardsville, Illinois 62026

Phone:  (618)650-5245

Fax:  (618)650-3174



Research Focus

My research interests lie in two general area; Biology education and plant tissue culture as a teaching and research tool.


In the area of Biology education, I am interested in developing and assessing curriculum predominantly for the secondary level.  Specific areas of interest are environmental education, biotechnology, and developing plant tissue culture as a teaching platform.


Beyond tissue culture as a teaching platform, I am also utilizing tissue culture as a research tool.  Tissue culture techniques generate quantities of plant material suitable for molecular as well as micropropagation of regional endangered plants.


Course Information

I am currently teaching:  Sci241, Foundations of Science 

CI352B, Biology student teaching.


Biographical Information


              B.A., Manchester College 1980

                M.S., Indiana State University 1984

                Ph.D., University of Hawaii 1992


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Virus and transgenic resistance in Dendrobium orchids, Acta Hort.

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