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Celebration Through a Woman's Eye

by Sue Robinson

[Taken from Gaylife, Issue Number 1, William Sea (Bill Cordes), ed., p. 15.]

Gay Pride—Wht does that mean to us? Celebrating the fact tht we are Gay and proud of it is just what we did during Gay Pride Weekend in Columbia. I was excited as we reached Columbia on Friday afternoon. I did not want to miss any of the activities that were planned. Besides it was a wonderful time to renew old acquaintances with people from all over the state. As the evening wore on more and more people began to arrive.

The first planned activity was a feminist play or reading. For some of us it was the first exposure to this type of activity and as it ended it gave us plenty to think about. Then it was time, finally when we could listen and share with Elaine Noble, one of the few open gays in public office. She is a dynamic speaker and kept our attention without any difficulty as she shared her hopes and dreams for the gay community of this country.

As Saturday dawned it found us back on the MU campus beginning the day with work shops. Though I was unable to attend any of the others due to my participation with Judy Weber in one, I heard nothing but good things about them. Lifestyle does not have to be a battle was the topic of the session Judy and I did. Both sessions were well attended and I believe as we talked most of the people attending realized that being gay truely does not have to be a struggle.

Later in the day and again during the evening we were fortunate to see the documentary film, "The Word Is Out." In my opinion it is one of the finest movies ever made about gays. A weekend of sharing would not be complete without a dance, and we were not disappointed as Saturday night rolled around.

On Sunday we were able to share not only as gays, but as gay Christians in a worship service co-ordinated through MCC St. Louis and Reverend David Pelletier. For some of us it may have been the first time ever to attend an MCC service and I know that it must have been a very exciting time for them. I know for me it was exciting because it was my first time ever to sing on T.V. As David and I prepared to do a duet neither of us know if we were ready for T.V. but we knew tht like everything else if we trusted God all would be well.

As the weekend drew to a close, we were saddened to leave old and new friends, but we were joyous in the fact that we had been able to share with other gays in a very rewarding experience.

To the left: Rev. David Pelletier of MCC