Setting up a frames site

To set up the frames site for My Genealogy, I created a frameset file called index.html the code for which is listed below.

<html><head><title>My Genealogy</title></head>  

<frameset  frameborder=0 framespacing=0 border=1 rows=30,*>  

<frame src="frame.html" noresize scrolling=no>  

<frameset frameborder=0 framespacing=0 border=1 rows=*,40>  

<frame src="home.html" name="middle" noresize scrolling="auto"> 

<frame src="ad.htm" name="bottom" noresize scrolling="no">  

The head of the HTML document 

Creates two frames, one 30 pixels deep at the top, one for the rest of the vertical height. 
Says "put the file frame.html in the top frame as described. 

Creates two more frames in the bottom frame, a bottom border 40 pixels deep and the rest of the screen above that. 
Says "put the file home.html in the middle frame (called "middle). 

Says, "put the file ad.html in the bottom frame, called "bottom"


To set up the top frame with the rollover menu bar, I did this:

  1. In Adobe ImageStyler, I created a file frame
  2. Using the Text tool, I made each name and aligned them at the top of the page.
  3. With each text object selected chose Javascript under Window, and created different a new layer for MouseOver
  4. Chose an appropriate Style under Window for MouseOver.
  5. (And while I didn't do it this way, I could have)
  6. Created a different layer for MouseDown, and using Web under Window, set the URL for the file.
  7. Then under File I Exported the entire file as an HTML file with the name frame.html and corresponding image files where the above frame could find it.

To set up the middle frame, I created a different page for each of the buttons on top to link to.

Many of these pages were created as ordinary HTML files with Netscape Composer (Articles, Websites, Home), but some of them were created as ImageStyler documents (Timeline), one was created as an imagemap (Trees), and several of the links off of Timeline combined ImageStyler documents with HTML tables.

To set up the bottom frame, I created the ad.html as a simple HTML document.

How I made the grandparents frame in TimeLine

  1. Photographs
  2. Maps
  3. How I put the collage together using PhotoShop and ImageStyler
  4. ImageReady
  5. More ImageStyler
  6. Inserting tables
Created by Jim Andris, October 20, 1999.