Welcome to Jim's Genealogy Garret. In the dictionary, garret is described as "an unfinished part of a house, usually under the eaves." I like this image. When I was 8, we moved to a big old house at 317 Greene St. with a garret that my brother, Tom, and later, sister, Vicki and I would play in. There were wonderful things in that attic, including a complete set of old "Indian head" pennies, old chests, vases and pictures.

So this is my unfinished place under the eaves in honor of those, my ancestors, who went before me, and some of whom, I hope and pray to meet some day. Here, you will read of sagas such as crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a sailing ship in 48 days and perilous brushes with the Cossacks and the Prussian gendarmes. If you read closely, you will learn of pain and heartbreak, lost loves, and lives of quiet desperation.

This garret is dedicated to my mother's faith in God and her wonderful stories that have inspired me to begin to research and build onto the edifice that she has initiated. I also acknowledge the help of Catherine Sams in unearthing many facts about my German ancestry, my brother's contributions to the history of the Andris line, and my sister's careful proofreading of my on-line documents.

Created by Jim Andris, October 5, 1999.
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