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How folks got to my website

on April 7, 2003, I started keeping track of Jim's Genealogy Website using the free tools at www.sitemeter.com. You can get a lot of information with the free service, and if I wasn't so darn cheap, for just $59 a year I could find out exactly who was visiting. Anyway, here are some interesting facts from sitemeter.

Some referring links

Some searches that ended up at my site

  • Steerage trunk (msn)
  • Noe family of Virginia (msn)
  • palatinate history Lauterecken (Google)
  • +"karl zimmer" +cincinnati (Google)
  • ludwig wood co wv (Yahoo!)
  • dorval immigration (Yahoo!)
  • schrams farm (AOL)
  • jenny andris (hotbot)
  • beaus mom (Applied Semantics DomainPark demo)
  • picture of a 1920's pretty mom (dogpile)
  • picture of Adam Becker (dogpile)
  • Jim Garrett (French Yahoo!)
  • "safe cabinet co" (s.teoma.com)
  • twins during worldwar (www.ask.com)

Created April 29, 2003.