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The Berg Church

Location: From Stanleyville, go north on TR 331 (Reeds Run Road) and Tr 332 to junction with TR 391.

The collage above represents quite a bit about the history of the church and the lives of its members. Starting from the upper left and going clockwise we see 1) the Berg Church building itself, according to Becker, originally build of logs and renovated or rebuilt several times, 2) top center, Jim Andris—seven of whose great great great grandparents attended this church at one time or another—photographs the interior of the building, 3) top right, gravestone marker commemorating Theobald Harth (1802-1879) (and wife, Katharina Nau,) great great great grandparents of Jim, 4) middle center, the interior of the church, which according to Becker, was modeled on the Altenkirchen church in the Kohlbach Valley of the Palatinate, 5) middle right, long shot of the memorial marker containing the names of those interred in the cemetery, 6) center, long shot of the tombstone of Daniel Hirsch, 7) lower right and center, the funeral of George Ludwig Noe, Civil War Veteran, held on June 9, 1925. 8) left middle, the gravestone of Adam Schultheiss (1844-1893), 8) a bench remembering the Barth name, and 9) bottom middle, one of the township roads winds out through cornfields and hills in the distance.

Founding of the church

It is challenging to separate out the histories of the Berg Church and the Highland Ridge Church before 1850. Highland Ridge is in the northern end of Muskingum Twp., about 6 miles directly north of Marietta, Ohio, as the crow flies. It seems definite that the Highland Ridge church can be traced from about 1835. The Berg Church is 6 miles north northeast of Marietta, Ohio as the crow flies. Highland Ridge and the Berg Church are about 3 miles apart on roughly the same parallel. Moving west to east, there is the serpentine Muskingum River flowing southeast into Marietta, then Highland Ridge, then Duck Creek, and then the Berg Church, right in the middle of northern Fearing Twp. The Highland Ridge Church of today is easily accessible by I-77 and County route 8, while the Berg Church is literally "out in the middle of nowhere:" several gravel township roads wind out to the intersection of T329 and T332.

German families which had settled in Fearing Township a mile or two east of Highland Ridge during the 1830s and early 1840s, experienced a hardship in attending church on the Ridge because of the distance and the occasional flooding of Duck Creek. Becker describes the founding of the Second Protestant Evangelical Church in 1846 through the sale by Peter Berg, who came to Ohio in 1841 with his wife, to Christian Schimmel through the buyers' representative, George Peter Lauer. The first church building was located near Whipple Creek which meanders northwest towards Whipple, a mile or two away. The congregation chose the Rev. Theodore Schreiner, then already the clergyman at Highland Ridge, to lead them in this new venture.

Daniel Hirsch, who had been forced to leave the Palatinate in 1850 for political activity, immigrated to Washington County. He settled with his family at the end of 1951 in Fearing Twp. and was chosen pastor by this newly organizing church community and paid by the members of the congregation. To this Pastor Hirsch, we owe an enormous debt, for he kept complete and systematic records of the members of various German-American communities in Washington County, and also complete records of births, baptisms, marriages and deaths, as well as records of important church transactions. These records were all painstakingly translated by Barbara Gerhart Matt from the original German fraktur script in the early 1990s.

Near the end of Daniel Hirsh's term as pastor in 1872, the congregation purchased land from Daniel Biehl and built on the present site of the Berg Church. This land is situated some distance south of the original church building. Frederick Charles Trapp was minister to the congregation for 1873-1883, save for one year. At some point during Trapp's tenure, the church listed 52 members. In 1878 the congregation wrote a constitution which named their church the First German Protestant Evangelical Church.

The recent Fry compilation of information notes that "The congregation ceased in 1955. Beginning in 1986, the Berg church has been restored and the Berg Church Association holds an annual homecoming in September.


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Plaque Listing those Buried in the Berg Church Cemetery

Katharina Lauer (Becker) 1811-44 Carolina Gerhold (Ebeling) 1825-58 William Schultheisz 1852-54 Johannes Becker 1803-65
Peter Biehl 1816-46 Edwards Ebeling 1817-58 Elisabetha Morgenstern 1853-54 Katharina Pfaff (Lauer) 1800-65
Maria Morgenstern (Fuchs) 1777-49 Jacob Seyler 1786-59 Daniel Motz 1853-54 Christian Schimmel 1806-66
Maria Heinz 1851-52 Philippina Nau 1833-59 Friedrich Feich 1778-54 Elisabetha Morgenstern (Seyler) 1823-66
Catharina Becker (Seyler) 1825-52 Wilhelm Schneider 1857-59 Ludwig Buhles 1796-54 Jacob Haager 1828-66
Maria Schramm (Flickinger) 1805-52 Gustav Schultheis 1858-59 Anna Hofmann (Zimmer) 1785-54 Karl Reitenbach 1844-66
Daniel Lang 1803-52 Wilhelm Schimmel 1849-59 Heinrich Fitschen 1792-54 Jacob Pfaff 1805-66
Elisabetha Schultheiss 1848-52 Elisabetha Kohl (Wummer) 1823-60 Friedrich Schultheis 1824-54 Katharina Biehl (Motz) 1799-67
Friedrich Becker 1850-52 Philippina Heintz 1849-60 Peter Wagner 1784-55 Elisabetha Kohl 1756-67
Adam Jung 1849-52 Anna Lauer 1861-61 Margaretha Schmidt (Rothfuchs) 1814-55 Margaretha Beck (Pfaff) 1809-68
Johann Buchter 1837-52 Carolina Flaccus (Hild) 1786-61 Daniel Schneider 1805-55 Adam Beck 1787-68
Carolina Zimmer (Zimmer) 1817-52 Katharina Pfaff (Zimmer) 1795-62 Jacob Berg 1851-55 Katharina Biehl (Barth) 1787-68
Daniel Lang 1842-52 Carolina Becker 1843-62 Wilhelm Weigel 1854-55 Unnamed Male Mörsch 1868-68
Jeromä Weigel 1815-52 Wilhelm Reiter 1862-62 Johannes Wagner 1791-55 Katharina Pfaff 1848-69
Catharina Balz 1842-52 Ludwig Zimmer 1860-62 Ellen Pfaff 1854-56 Peter Pfaff 1848-69
Ludwig Becker 1852-52 Ludwig Berg 1862-62 Unbaptized Female Decker 1856-56 Johannes Zimmer 1802-69
Susanne Lauer (Metzger) 1773-52 Emilie Schramm 1861-62 Jacob Hettrich 1822-57 Nicholaus Feick 1800-69
Catharina Schneider (Schneider) 1803-52 Sarah Nau (Schäfer) 1788-62 Ernest Boye 1794-57 Phillip Dippel 1849-70
Magdalena Jung (Spindler) 1831-53 Ludwig Zimmer (Civil War) 1840-62 Katharina Berg (Wagner) 1828-57 Wilhelm Closs 1867-70
Elisabetha Schramm (Clohs) 1800-53 Karl Eberle 1801-62 Jacob Bürtel 1855-57 Carolina Pfaff 1868-70
Jacob Schneider 1792-53 Elisabetha Born 1860-63 Jacob Decker 1854-57 Katharina roth (Jüngling) 1793-70
Maria Drapp 1851-53 Peter Biehl 1795-63 Carolina Wummer 1847-57 Heinrich Roth 1788-70
Philipp Kimnach 1806-53 Georg Schramm 1863-63 Johannes Lauer 1830-57 Johannes Becker 1836-70
Carolina Bayer 1849-53 Ludwig Stephan 1863-63 Margaretha Becker (Braun) 1788-58 Jacob Zimmer 1789-71
Elisabetha Bayer 1849-53 Maria Berg (Becker) 1794-63 Elisabetha Rech 1839-58 Phillip Beaver 1844-71
Jacob Theobald 1851-53 Karl Mörsch 1861-63 Alma Boye (Händler) 1820-58 Theobald Daniel 1862-72
Carolina Wagner 1849-53 Margaretha Schneider (Miller) 1820-63 Johann Ulmer 1857-58 Maria Dippel (Weppler) 1808-72
Catharina Knoch (Seebach) 1829-53 Luisa Stephan 1861-63 Johann Best 1839-58 Ida Schramm 1870-72
Jacob Roth 1811-53 Claus Henning (Civil War) 1838-63 Ludwig Biehl 1850-58 Wilhelm Zimmer 1851-72
Nicolas Becker 1853-53 Jacob Wummer 1801-63 Margaretha Becker (Dauber) 1796-58 Karl Pfaff 1866-72
Anna Gerhardt (Hedrich) 1808-53 Maria Berg 1863-64 Johannes Closz 1845-58 Adam Becker 1796-73
Catharina Ritz 1852-53 Balthasar Stephan 1827-64 Karl Molter 1837-58 Jacob Pfaff 1872-73
Christian Morgenstern 1853-53 Ludwig Weisz 1858-64 Mathilda Jung 1857-58 Eleanora Klein 1872-73
Elisabetha Noe (Blinn) 1813-53 Maria Hennig (Holst) 1801-64 Theobald Becker 1850-58 Katharina Baier (Theobald) 1817-73
Jacob Matzenbacher 1847-53 Philippina Stephan 1864-64 Maria Luisa Diehl 1851-58 Elizabeth Pfaff (Grosscloss) 1806-74
Daniel Ernst 1853-53 Jacob Berg 1782-65 Ludwig Becker 1856-58 Adam Bürtel 1806-74
Conrad Matzenbacher 1852-53 Jacob Closs 1864-65 Maria Becker 1854-58 Katharina Daniel 1839-89
Wilhelmine Hess (Ritz) 1848-54 Friedrich Theobald 1864-65 Hermann Gerhold 1858-58 Herbert Pfaff 1892-92
Jacob Gerhardt 1848-54 Philippina Beck 1861-65 Paul Peter Gerhold 1858-58