Renting our Lodgings in Strasbourg | Trip to Europe

One of the first things Tom did for Vicki and me was to walk us over to a nice inexpensive bed and breakfast. He said that we should walk there; that if we tried to drive, he didn't know whether he could find it. The pictures below tell some of the story. I also noticed along the way a distinctly European character to this city.

We set out along a paved walkway that took us along gardens, an old Jewish cemetery, and a stream.
Here are two ladies leaning out of their apartment windows, talking across a rope loaded with drying clothes.

As you can see from the picture on the far right, the Inter Hotel on la Ruc de Tour, called the Hotel Caveau, had a charming courtyard, with white tables and the ever-present geraniums cascading over the second story balcony. A young, attractive French woman in her thirties arranged our room for us. It was about $40 for a room and $19 for 3 breakfasts, “petit dejuner.”She definitely did not speak English, and it was the first of many times when Vicki and I were glad that Tom was along to translate for us.

Once we had our room secured, we went back to the youth hostel so that Tom could check out. Then we stashed all our things at the Caveau. Tom was eager to show us the city of Strasbourg. We caught a bus to the downtown area and then sat out on foot for the area around the cathedral in the center of the city. As with any sizeable city, many unique sites and sounds grabbed us as we walked along the sidewalks.

Dinner near Notre Dame Cathedral | Trip to Europe

Created by Jim Andris, September 4, 2000.