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am making an engine with only one wheel. No spokes, of course. The wheel is a perfect square. You see what I am driving at, don't you? I am awfully solemn about it, mind you, so you must not think it is a silly story about the mouse and the grapes. No, it’s a wheel, I tell the world. And it’s all square.

—James Joyce

ometimes in interviews I’m asked, ‘Why do you play old-time music?’ I suppose they ask that because it’s old and, by implication and also in reality, non- commercial. I suspect that many of us play this older style music for some of the same reasons that most bluegrass musicians play bluegrass, because we like it and it fits us. We can think of all kinds of reasons such as ‘I was raised with it,’ ‘I like its sound,’ ’I like to be able to play the music myself or with friends without plugging in,’ and I can add ‘it’s timeless, meaningful, and I value its continuity with the past.’ All of those and more fit me. I can talk on and on about reasons for liking old-time and bluegrass music but really it all boils down to ‘it just suits me.’”

-Mike Seeger, 1997

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