Dan B. Welch Ph.D. 

Associate Professor, Growth Development and Structure

Southern Illinois University-School of Dental Medicine
2800 College Avenue, Bldg. 286, Rm 1110
Alton, IL- 62002-4700
Office: (618) 474-7248
FAX: (618) 474-7089

Ph.D. Neuroscience,  University of California, Riverside

B.A. Psychology , California State University, San Bernardino

Our research focus is on the physiological mechanisms underlying the control of masticatory behavior. Our main focus is the study of Bruxism, an involuntary rhythmic or spasmodic non-functional gnashing and grinding of the teeth. Normally, the nervous system must generate precise temporal sequences of muscle contractions when a coordinated movement is produced. These programmed sequences of muscle activity are referred to as "motor patterns", and are produced by rhythmically active networks of nerve cells called "central pattern generators" (CPGs) in the central nervous system. In essence, we are interested in how CPG patterns produced in the brainstem are disrupted by pathology.     

Representative Publications (peer reviewed):

B. Bennett, J. Taylor, J.D. Wall, D. Welch (2019) Characterization of masticatory verses brux-like motor patterns in the laboratory rat: electromyography amplitude analysis. Current Analysis of Dentistry

J. Taylor, J.D Wall, D. Welch (2017) Masticatory and Brux-like Motor Patterns in the Freely Behaving Rat: Electromyography and Phase Analysis. ISAS Transactions

M. Stallings, K. Rawson, D. Stoeckel, D. Welch (2017) Significant Shear Bond Strength Improvements of a Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement with a Resin Coating. General Dentistry

D.B. Welch, B.N. Seesengood, and C.D. Hopp, (2015) Surface Treatments That Demonstrate a Significant Positive Effect on the Shear Bond Strength of Repaired Resin Modified Glass Ionomer. Operative Dentistry

Rawson K.G., Hofelich R., Welch D.B., Stoeckel D.C. (2014) Eruption Sequence of the Maxillary Permanent Canine: A radiographic review. General Dentistry.

Welch, D. and Currie, S.N. (2014) Sensory-evoked turning locomotion in red-eared turtles: kinematic analysis and electromyography. Journal of Comparative Physiology A.

Welch, D and Seitz, A. (2013) Processing Irrelevant Location Information: Practice and Transfer Effects in a Simon task. PLoS ONE.

Altshuler, D.L., K.C. Welch, B.H. Cho, D.B. Welch, A.F. Lin, W.B. Dickson, and M.H. Dickinson (2009) Neuromuscular control of wingbeat kinematics in Anna’s hummingbirds (Calypte anna). Journal of Experimental Biology 213:2507-2514.


Vaughnie Lindsay New Investigator Grant (2013)

Ad Hoc Reviewer (Journals)

The Quarterly Journal of Experimenal Psychology




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