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7.22.23 Yesterday I had an opportunity to participate in Goksu Avdan's PHD research on gait analysis and prediction. This involved attaching EMG devices to my leg and acquring motion capture data with SIUE's MOCAL laboratory. Details on MOCAL can be found here:

6.26.23 Last spring semester I participated with SIUE's Game Development Group (GDG) in the eHacks hackathon. We made a video game with the Godot game envine titled "Goose, Gooose, Goooose!" and received the "best game" award. Here is a link to the article:

1.1.21 Back in 2016 for a CS 482 class under Dr. William White created an OpenGL solar system, with appropriately scaled rotations, angles, sizes, and more. Texture mapping, particle systems, and lighting all included.

1.1.21 "Cyber Knight" is an Unreal Engine 4 project I have been working on and off for years. Featuring third person hack and slash gameplay with collision detection, enemy AI, custom animations, and more.