Christopher  W. Theodorakis

Department of Biological Sciences and

Environmental Sciences Program



I use a variety of laboratory and field techniques to examine problems in environmental toxicology and conservation genetics.  My research interests are in evolutionary toxicology, molecular and genetic toxicology,  aquatic ecotoxicology, population genetics, biomarker research, oxidative stress, and endocrine disruption.


Specific research interests and past projects  include:


· DNA damage and oxidative stress in aquatic organisms.

· Effects of chemicals, radiation, and human land use on population genetic diversity and evolution of resistance in fish and amphibians.

· Effects of thyroid-disrupting compounds  in fish and frogs.

· Toxicity of nanoparticles


Current research projects include:

· Conservation genetics and oxidative stress in gopher tortoises impacted by chemical pollution and habitat modification on military bases. 

· Toxicity and oxidative stress from metal oxide nanoparticles in fish, flatworms, and bacteria.

· Effects of nanoparticles on metamorphosis and thyroid homeostasis in frogs

· Water quality, oxidative stress, DNA damage and community structure in fish from local streams.

· Population genetics of mussels from the Strait of Istanbul

· Effects of thyroid disruption on oxidative stress and toxicokinetics of arsenic




Current courses taught

· Environmental Risk Assessment

· Environmental Health and Waste Management

· Introductory Biology for Majors

· Introductory Biology for Non-Majors

· Aquatic Ecotoxicology

· Molecular  Toxicology and Pharmacology

· Evolution

· Environmental Sustainability


Previous courses taught

· Conservation Genetics

· Dietary Chemoprevention of DNA Damage and Cancer

· Genetic toxicology

· Molecular toxicology

· Aquatic toxicology

· Principles of Toxicology II

· Introductory biology

· Human anatomy

· Comparative anatomy

· Physiology

· Zoology








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