Introduction to Freeman Ranch


Overview of Freeman Ranch

Freeman Ranch is located in central Texas, approximately 5 miles west of San Marcos, Texas. The ranch consists of approximately 1,700 hectares (or 4,200 acres) and rests in the Edward's Plateau natural region. The Edward’s Plateau natural region spans across central Texas and is commonly called the Texas Hill Country. Vegetation at the ranch is representative of what is in the Edward's Plateau region. Below is a map which shows the location of Freeman Ranch in relation to the natural regions of Texas.1

In 1981, Mr. Harry Freeman designated Texas State University - San Marcos, formerly called Southwest Texas State University, as the active co-trustee of the Freeman Ranch. Since 1985, the university has overseen operations at the ranch.

Mission of Freeman Ranch

Freeman Ranch, which is a working ranch, serves as a model in ranch management and as a place for educational outreach and research. Livestock of the ranch include cattle, sheep, and goats. Each year, many teachers and students visit the ranch and participate in educational activities. Researchers and students also visit the ranch regularly to conduct experiments and studies at the ranch. In addition to these activities, the ranch rents out stalls to horse owners, cares for and trains horses, and leases land for hunting of wild game, primarily white-tail deer.






On to the tour at the ranch...

We begin our tour at the ranch headquarters. The map below shows the location of the headquarters in relation to the nature trail. The nature trail is highlighted in green.



1. Map reproduced from Barnes, Paul W., Suh-Yuen Liang, Kirk E. Jessup, Lana E. Ruiseco, Patty L. Phillips, and Steven J. Reagan. 2000. Soils, topography and vegetation of the Freeman Ranch. Freeman Ranch Publication Series No. 1-2000. San Marcos, Texas: Southwest Texas State University Press.

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