Fitness Frenzy


Hello my name is Andrea Thompson. I am just a girl from a small town with big city dreams. I plan on moving to Hollywood and becoming an actress. This is what lead me on my  "FITNESS FRENZY" journey. As you may know everyone in Hollywood is in tip top shape. If you want to be taken seriously you in this industry you have to look your best physically. You not only have to change your eating habits and workout habits, you have to change the way you think mentally also. It is like having a makeover for your mind and body. If you are not mentally ready to change your eating habits and working out habits you will slip back into old ways and any progress you made will go out of the window. I have been through this cycle many times. This time I declare it will be different. That is why I made this website. Sometimes you need a little encouragement. With this website I will share my personal fitness journey and transformation while helping others achieve their goals also.