(composer's own spelling: Weinberg)
Keys and Opus Numbers given where known

1919 Born 8 December in Warsaw
1933 Two Pieces for piano
1934 Three Pieces for violin and piano
1935 Lullaby for piano, Opus 1
1937 First String Quartet, Opus 2
1939 Graduates from Warsaw Conservatoire; flees to Minsk
1940 Second String Quartet, Opus 3
Acacias, 6 songs, Opus 4
First Piano Sonata, Opus 5
1941 Flees Minsk to Tashkent
Symphonic Poem, Opus 6
Three Romances for voice and piano, Opus 7
1942 Aria for string quartet, Opus 9
Comrades In Arms, operetta
Clarette's Career, operetta
The Sword of Uzbekistan, opera (with T. Dzhalilov, A. Klumov, and T. Sadykov)
Battle for the Fatherland, ballet
First Symphony in G minor, Opus 10
1943 Moves to Moscow at Shostakovich's behest
Second Piano Sonata, Opus 8
First Violin Sonata, Opus 12
Children's Songs, Opus 13
1944 Third String Quartet, Opus 14
Second Violin Sonata, Opus 15
Children's Notebook Vol. 1 for piano, Opus 16
Jewish Songs, Opus 17
Piano Quintet, Opus 18
Children's Notebook Vol. 2 for piano, Opus 19
1945 Fourth String Quartet, Opus 20
First Cello Sonata in C major, Opus 21
Three Romances for voice and piano, Opus 22
Children's Notebook Vol. 3 for piano, Opus 23
Piano Trio, Opus 24
Six Romances for voice and piano, Opus 25
Suite for small orchestra, Opus 26
Fantasy on themes from Adolphe Adam's opera Le Chalet for orchestra
Fifth String Quartet, Opus 27
Clarinet Sonata in D major, Opus 28
Twelve Miniatures for flute and piano, Opus 29
Second Symphony in G major, Opus 30
1946 Third Piano Sonata, Opus 31
Elegy for baritone and piano, Opus 32
Six Sonnets for bass and piano, Opus 33
Seventeen Easy Pieces for piano, Opus 34
Sixth String Quartet, Opus 35
Suite for solo instruments
1947 From Childhood (adaption for orchestra from Children's Notebooks [1944-5])
Festive Tableaux for orchestra, Opus 36
Third Violin Sonata in A minor, Opus 37
Four Romances for voice and piano, Opus 38
Ballet Suites Nos. 1 and 2
Fourth Violin Sonata in F major, Opus 39
Two Songs Without Words for violin and piano
Six Children's Songs for voice and piano
1948 First Sinfonietta in D minor, Opus 41
Violin Concertino, Opus 42
Cello Concerto in C minor, Opus 43
Concert Overture in C minor
Two Choruses for male choir a capella
1949 Salutation Overture, Opus 44
Third Symphony, Opus 45
Violin Sonatina, Opus 46
Rhapsody on Moldavian Themes for orchestra, Opus 47/1
Moldavian Rhapsody for violin and orchestra, Opus 47/3
1950 Polish Tunes for orchestra, Opus 47/2
String Trio, Opus 48
Improvisation for string quartet
Portraits of Friends for piano (Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Myaskovsky, Shebalin, Khachaturian)
Rhapsody on Slavonic Themes for orchestra
Suite for orchestra (not numbered)
Suite for orchestra (not numbered; unpublished)
1951 Sonatina for piano, Opus 49
From Days of the Past, song-cycle, Opus 50
Suite for orchestra (not numbered and unpublished)
Symphonic Songs for orchestra, Opus 68
1952 Moldavian Rhapsody for violin and piano, Opus 47/3 (1949)
Serenade for orchestra, Opus 47/4
My Native Land, cantata, Opus 51
March for orchestra
Kujawiak and Oberek (Two Polish Folk Dances) for 2 xylophones and orchestra
1953 January: arrested during Stalin's anti-Jewish campaign
March: released from prison
Fantasy for cello and orchestra, Opus 52
Fifth Violin Sonata, Opus 53
Overture for orchestra
1954 Partita for piano, Opus 54
1955 The Golden Key, Opus 55, ballet
Fourth Piano Sonata in B minor, Opus 56
1955-6 The Cranes Are Flying, film score
1956 The Gypsy Bible, seven songs, Opus 57
Fifth Piano Sonata in A minor, Opus 58
1957 Seventh String Quartet in C major, Opus 59
The Dawn, symphonic poem, Opus 60
Fourth Symphony in A minor, Opus 61
1958 Reminiscences, songs for voice and piano, Opus 62
The White Chrysanthemum, ballet
In The Mountains of Armenia, song-cycle, Opus 65
1959 Second Cello Sonata in G minor, Opus 63
Eighth String Quartet, Opus 66
Sonata for Two Violins, Opus 69
Suite from the film Twelve Months
1960 Violin Concerto in G minor, Opus 67
Seven Romances for tenor and piano, Opus 70
Seven Romances on texts by various authors, Opus 71
First Solo Cello Sonata, Opus 72
Sixth Piano Sonata in D minor, Opus 73
Second Sinfonietta, Opus 74
1961 Flute Concerto in D minor, Opus 75
rev. Fourth Symphony (1957)
rev. The Golden Key (1955)
1962 Fifth Symphony in F minor, Opus 76
Old Letters, song-cycle
1963 Three Romances for bass and piano, Opus 78
Sixth Symphony in A minor, Opus 79, for boys choir and orchestra
Ninth String Quartet in F sharp minor, Opus 80
1964 Suites Nos. 1-4 from The Golden Key (1955), Opus 55a/b/c/d
Seventh Symphony in C major, Opus 81, for strings and harpsichord
First Solo Violin Sonata, Opus 82
Eighth Symphony, The Flowers of Poland, in G major, Opus 83, for tenor, mixed choir, and orchestra
Oh, Grey Mist, song for baritone and piano, Opus 84
Tenth String Quartet in A minor, Opus 85
1965 Second Solo Cello Sonata, Opus 86
Diary of Love, cantata, Opus 87
The Profile, song-cycle for bass and piano, Opus 88
Written in Blood, song-cycle for tenor and piano, Opus 90
Pyotr Plaksin, cantata, Opus 91
1965-6 Eleventh String Quartet in F major, Opus 89
1966 Hiroshima Stanzas, cantata, Opus 92
1967 Ninth Symphony, Lines That Escaped Destruction, Opus 93, for narrator, mixed choir, and orchestra
Trumpet Concerto in B flat major, Opus 94
Second Solo Violin Sonata, Opus 95
Requiem, Opus 96
1967-8 The Lady Passenger, opera, Opus 97
1968 Tenth Symphony in A minor, Opus 98
Triptych for bass and orchestra, Opus 99
24 Preludes for solo cello, Opus 100
1969 Eleventh Symphony, Solemn Symphony, Opus 101, for mixed choir and orchestra
1969-70 Twelfth String Quartet, Opus 103
1970 Clarinet Concerto, Opus 104
The Madonna and the Soldier, opera, Opus 105
1971 Third Solo Cello Sonata, Opus 106
First Solo Viola Sonata, Opus 107
Sonata for Solo Doublebass, Opus 108
1972 The Love of D'Artagnan, opera, Opus 109
1973 Singing the Baby to Sleep, song-cycle for soprano and piano, Opus 110
1975 Congratulations!, opera, Opus 111
Lady Magnesia, opera, Opus 112
Six Ballet Scenes, Opus 113
1976 Twelfth Symphony, In Memoriam D. Shostakovich, Opus 114
Thirteenth Symphony, Opus 115
From Verses by Vasily Zhukovsky, song-cycle for bass and piano, Opus 116
1977 Fourteenth Symphony, Opus 117
Thirteenth String Quartet, Opus 118
Fifteenth Symphony, "I believe in this Earth", Opus 119, for soprano, baritone, female choir, and orchestra
Three Palm-trees for soprano and string quartet, Opus 120
1978 Fourteenth String Quartet, Opus 122
Second Solo Viola Sonata, Opus 123
1979 From Verses by Yevgeny Baratynsky, song-cycle for bass and piano, Opus 125
Third Solo Violin Sonata, Opus 126
1980 Fifteenth String Quartet, Opus 124
The Portrait, opera, Opus 128
The Golden Dress, operetta, Opus 129
1981 Sixteenth String Quartet, Opus 130
Sixteenth Symphony, Opus 131
The Relic, recitative for bass and piano, Opus 132
Sonata for Solo Bassoon, Opus 133
From Verses by Afanasy Fet, song-cycle for bass and piano, Opus 134
1982 Third Solo Viola Sonata, Opus 135
1983 Fourth Solo Violin Sonata, Opus 136
1984 Seventeenth Symphony, Memory, Opus 137 (On the Threshold of War I)
Eighteenth Symphony, War - There Is No Word More Cruel, Opus 138, for mixed choir and orchestra (On the Threshold of War II)
1977-84 Six Children's Songs for voice and piano, Opus 139
1985 Fourth Solo Cello Sonata, Opus 140
First String Quartet [second edition], Opus 141
Nineteenth Symphony, The Bright May, Opus 142 (On the Threshold of War III)
The Banners of Peace, symphonic poem, Opus 143
1986 The Idiot, opera, Opus 144
First Chamber Symphony in G major, Opus 145
1987 Seventeenth String Quartet, Opus 146
Second Chamber Symphony, Opus 147
1991 Third Chamber Symphony, Opus 151
1992 Fourth Chamber Symphony, Opus 153
1996 Dies 26 February in Moscow

During the last years of his life, the composer also wrote, among other things, the Twentieth, Twenty-first,
and Twenty-second symphonies (the last unfinished). This Chronology -- for many details of which
Music Under Soviet Rule is indebted to Vainberg's in-progress biographer Per Skans --
will be regularly updated as further information becomes available. As it stands, it omits more than sixty
film scores and numerous vocal and instrumental scores for theatre, circus, and radio productions.

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