1919 Born 17 June in Petrograd
1937-47 Studies with Shostakovich
1945 String Quartet
1946 Concerto for piano, strings, and timpani [fp Late 1960s]
Cello Sonata
1947 Joins faculty of Rimsky-Korsakov Music school; also teaches at Leningrad Conservatory
First Piano Sonata [fp 1974, Leningrad]
Sonatina for violin and piano
1949 Stepan Razin's Dream for bass and orchestra [fp 1950, Leningrad]
Trio for violin, clarinet, and piano [fp 1968, Leningrad]
Second Piano Sonata [fp 1977, Leningrad]
1949-50 Octet for 2 oboes, 4 violins, timpani, and piano [fp 1970, Leningrad]
1950 Hail, Youth!, cantata
Young Pioneers, symphonic poem
1951 Sinfonietta for orchestra
1952 Man From A High Hill, cantata
Dawn Over The Homeland, cantata
Third Piano Sonata [fp 1972, Leningrad]
Sonata for violin and piano [fp 1961, Leningrad]
1953 Piano Sonatina
Twelve Preludes for piano [fp 1968, Leningrad]
1955 First Symphony for orchestra and 2 boys' v [fp Spring 1966]
Children's Suite for orchestra [fp 1957, Leningrad]
1957 The Hero's Exploit for orchestra
Fourth Piano Sonata [fp 1973, Leningrad]
1958 Fire on the Steppes for orchestra (Symphonic Poem No. 1 [?])
Sports, symphonic poem (Symphonic Poem No. 2 [?])
1959 Grand Duet for cello and piano [fp 1977, Leningrad]
1961 Song of Praise for boys' choir, trumpets, percussion, and piano
1964 Duet for violin and piano [fp 1968, Leningrad]
1970-71 Composition I - Dona nobis pacem for piccolo, tuba, and piano [fp 1975, Leningrad]
1972-73 Composition II - Dies Irae for 8 doublebasses, percussion, and piano [fp 1977, Leningrad]
1974-75 Composition III - Benedictus, Qui venit for 4 flutes, 4 bassoons, and piano [fp 1977, Leningrad]
1979 Second Symphony, "True, Eternal Bliss", for orchestra and solo voice [fp 1980, Leningrad]
1983 Third Symphony, "Jesus Messiah, Save Us!", for orchestra and soloist [fp 1987, Leningrad]
1985-87 Fourth Symphony, "Prayer", for trumpet, tamtam, piano, and contralto [fp 1988, Heidelberg]
1986 Fifth Piano Sonata [fp ?]
1988 Sixth Piano Sonata [fp 1988, Moscow]
1990 Fifth Symphony for oboe, trumpet, violin, percussion, and reciter [fp 1991, New York]

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