A few words about the man...
From the inaugural declaration of the Shostakovich Association
"Do Not Judge Me Harshly"
Anti-communism in Shostakovich's letters to Isaak Glikman
The Shostakovich Debate
A guide and chronology
Lyubov Shaporina's Diary
The background to Shostakovich's symphonies 4-6
Laurel Fay's biography
A Review of Shostakovich: A Life
The Mannes Conference
Transcripts of the public meeting in New York on 15th February 1999
The Dissident
Mark Aranovsky's introductory article in the Shostakovich issue
of Muzykal'naya Akademiya, Winter 1997
Manashir Yakubov's programme notes for the LSO's Barbican series
The War Symphonies
A film by Larry Weinstein [reviewed]
DSCH Interview
Ian MacDonald speaks (Summer 1998)
Centre and pseudo-centre
Points in response to issues arising in DSCH 10
Witnesses for the Defence
Testimonies concerning Shostakovich's attitudes to the Soviet regime
The Turning Point
Thoughts on Ho and Feofanov's Shostakovich Reconsidered
Shostakovich Reconsidered... reviewed
Comment compiled by the book's editors
Buying Shostakovich Reconsidered
How to purchase the book on the Internet
Shostakovich and the Soviet state
An interview with Vladimir Ashkenazy
Recollections of a Man
Krzysztof Meyer's superb short memoir
Humour: a Serious Business
Rob Ainsley on the 24 Preludes and Fugues Op. 87
Recent Commentary on Symphonies 1-5
A critical digest of Russian and Soviet opinion
Zhitomirsky Looks Back #1
The reminiscences of a close friend of the composer
Zhitomirsky Looks Back #2
Further reminiscences of a close friend of the composer
Testimony pro Testimony
Some important endorsements of the disputed memoir
The Second Testimony
Rostislav Dubinsky's Stormy Applause
Interviews about Shostakovich
A digest of interviews by Irina Nikolska conducted with
various figures in the Russian musical community
"You must remember!"
Shostakovich's alleged interrogation by the NKVD in 1937
The Legend of the Eighth Quartet
And the reality...
Kondrashin's Shostakovich
A great symphony cycle reissued - and a statement by the conductor
Sanderling's Shostakovich #1
Some interesting symphony reissues (with remarks by the conductor)
Sanderling's Shostakovich #2
A recent interview from the pages of DSCH
Book review
Elizabeth Wilson's Shostakovich: A Life Remembered
Zamyatin, Goldstein, and The Bolt
A hoax unmasked
Heroine or Villainess?
Some suggestions about the character of Katerina Ismailova
A Propaganda Play
Shostakovich's downfall in 1948
Shostakovich and Bulgakov
'20s satire - literary and musical
Universal Because Specific
Arguments for a contextual approach
CD Reviews
Recent Shostakovich issues on compact disc
The Shostakovich Centre
The primary archive outside Russia
DSCH (the Shostakovich Society)
Website of the DSCH Journal, maintained by editor Alan Mercer
Speaking of Shostakovich...
C. H. Loh's archive site: articles, reviews, letters
Iain Strachan's Shostakovich site
Number cyphers, the "Kontakion" motif, and other codes
Sjostakovitj Centralen
Peter Lundin's guide to Shostakovich concerts in Scandinavia
Book review
David Fanning's Shostakovich Studies
Comments on The New Shostakovich
Some letters and press clippings
Posts made to this discussion group in 1999-2000
Usenet posts made to this newsgroup in 1995

Some documents previously available at this site
are published in Shostakovich Reconsidered
by Allan B. Ho and Dmitry Feofanov.

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