Keys given where known
1925 Born 10 September in Moscow
1943-9 Studies at Moscow Conservatoire with Myaskovsky, Shebalin, and Shostakovich
1944 First Piano Sonata
1946 Sonatina for piano
Suite for solo cello
1947 First Symphony
1949 The Star, opera (incomplete)
1950 Fantasia on Russian Folk Themes for orchestra
1951 Slavonic Rhapsody for orchestra
1952 Second Piano Sonata
1953 Sinfonietta for strings
Piano Trio
1954 Capriccio on English Themes for orchestra
First String Quartet
1955 String Trio
1957 Clarinet Concerto
Overture for orchestra
Cello Sonata in E minor
1959 Violin Sonata
1960 Suite for solo cello
1961 Second String Quartet
1962 Piano Quintet
1964 Cello Concerto
1965 4 Brodsky Poems for soprano and piano
1966 Partita for cello, piano, harpsichord, electric guitar, percussion
1967 Second Symphony
Chamber Symphony
Third String Quartet
1969 Violin Concerto
State Prize of the USSR
1971 Piano Concerto
1972 Fourth String Quartet
Pushkin's Lyrical Poems, song-cycle
1973 Theme and 8 Variations for orchestra
Sonata for 2 pianos
1974 Signs of the Zodiac, cantata for soprano, cembalo, and strings
Fifth String Quartet
1976 6 Studies for strings and organ
Sixth String Quartet
1980 Third Symphony, "Sevastopol"
The Last Spring, song-cycle
1984 The Siberian Wind, poem for orchestra
Youth, poem for orchestra
4 Preludes for chamber orchestra
1987 Music for Orchestra
People's Artist of the USSR
1990 Sextet for winds and harp
1993 Fourth Symphony (Harp Symphony)
1996 Dies 7 February in Moscow

[NB This list omits 21 radio, 5 theatrical, and 32 cinema scores]

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