1915 Born 16 December in Fatezh, near Kursk
1929-32 Studies music in Kursk
1932-36 Studies with Mikhail Yudin at Central Music Technicum, Leningrad
1935 6 Pushkin Songs
1937-41 Studies with Shostakovich at the Leningrad Conservatoire
1938 7 Lermontov Songs
1936-9 First Piano Concerto
1937 First Symphony
1938-58 Rural Lyricism, 7 songs
1940 Symphony for String Orchestra
1941 Graduates from Leningrad Conservatoire
3 Blok Songs
1942 Second Piano Concerto
Othello, incidental music
1944 Piano Sonata
Shakespeare Suite (songs)
2 Songs of Iago
1945 Piano Trio [rev 1955]
1945-6 First String Quartet
1946-60 Partitas for piano
1947 Second String Quartet
1948-57 Children's Pieces for piano
1949 Second Symphony (unfinished)
1950 Land of My Fathers for tenor, bass, and piano
1951 Bright Lights (Sparks), operetta
1952 Ruy Blas, serenade
1953 Marries Elza Gustavovna Klazer
1955 Burns Songs for bass and piano
The Decembrists, oratorio
1955-6 Poem in Memory of Sergey Yesenin, oratorio
1956 My Father Is A Peasant, for tenor, bass, and piano
1957 8 Songs
1958 5 Choruses to Words by Russian Poets
1959 Pathetic Oratorio
1960 Poem About Lenin, cantata
1961-3 St Petersburg Songs for voices and piano trio
1963 People's Artist of the RSFSR
A Voice from the Chorus, song
1964 Kursk Songs
Russia the Wooden, miniature cantata
Miniature Triptych for orchestra
Music for Chamber Orchestra
The Snowstorm, film music
1965 Snow Is Falling, miniature cantata
1966 Time, Forward!, film music
1967 2 Yesenin Choruses
1969-72 Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich, incidental music
1970 People's Artist of the USSR
1971-76 The Radiant Guest, cantata
1972 3 Blok Songs
1972-5 3 Miniatures for chorus
1973 Concerto In Memory of Alexander Yurlov for chorus
1974 Spring Cantata
1975 Hero of Soviet Labour
3 Pieces from Children's Albums for chorus
1977 Russia Off Her Moorings, song
1978 Hymns to the Motherland for chorus
1978-80 Concerto for Chorus: Pushkin's Garland
1979 The Night Clouds for chorus
1998 Dies 5 January in Moscow

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