1902 Born 29 May/11 June in Omsk
1921-28 Studies with Myaskovsky at Moscow Conservatoire
1923 First String Quartet in A minor, Opus 2
1925 First Symphony in F minor, Opus 6
1927 Piano Sonata [rev 1963]
1929 Second Symphony in C sharp minor, Opus 11 [fp 1959 in a second edition]
3 Sonatinas
1929-30 Horn Concertino, Opus 14/2
1931 Lenin, dramatic symphony
1931-3 Completes Mussorgsky's Sorotchinsky Fair
1932 Violin Concertino, Opus 14/1
1934 Third Symphony in C major, Opus 17
Second String Quartet in B flat major, Opus 19
1935 Becomes a professor at the Moscow Conservatoire
Fourth Symphony in B flat major, Opus 24, "The Heroes of Perekop" [rev 1961] 1936
Overture on Mari Folk Themes
1937 Completes Glinka's Symphony on Two Russian Themes
1938 Third String Quartet in E minor, Opus 28
1939-59 Sun Over the Steppe, opera
1940 Violin Concerto, Opus 21
Fourth String Quartet in G minor, Opus 29
1941 Russian Overture in E minor, Opus 31
Variations on a Russian Folk Song
1942 The Embassy Bridegroom, musical comedy
Fifth String Quartet in F minor, Opus 33, "Slavonic"
1943 Sixth String Quartet
1944 The Lark, ballet
1946-7 Piano Trio
1946-56 The Taming of the Shrew, opera
1948 Condemned as a formalist. Sacked from directorship of Moscow Conservatoire
Seventh String Quartet
1951 Sinfonietta on Russian Themes, Opus 43
1954 Viola Sonata
1958 Violin Sonata
1960 Cello Sonata
Eighth String Quartet
1962 Fifth Symphony, Opus 56
1963 Ninth String Quartet in B minor, Opus 58
Dies 28 May in Moscow

[NB This list excludes many songs, and stage, radio, and cinema works]
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