1889 Born 13/25 January in Warsaw
1906-10 Studies law and histology at St Petersburg University
1910-14 Studies at St Petersburg Conservatoire
1911 First Piano Sonata
1912 A Tale for orchestra
1912-13 Suite for piano
1913 First Symphony
1914 Second Piano Sonata
1917 Nonet for violin, flute, harp, piano, quartet, dancer
1921 Inventions for piano
1922-26 Second Symphony, "Blok"
1923-31 Teaches at Petrograd/Leningrad Conservatoire
1926-31 Third Symphony
1931 Ousted from Leningrad Conservatoire by Leftist agitators
1931-32 Teaches at Tbilisi Conservatoire
1932-35 Fourth Symphony, "Izhorsk"
1939 Anna Kolosova opera
Peter I film score
1942-48 Fifth Symphony
1943 String Quartet
1944-48 Teaches at Leningrad Conservatoire
1950 rev. Fifth Symphony
1952 Dies 5 March in Leningrad

[N.B. This list excludes some stage and cinema works.]
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