1934 Born 24 November in Engels, Saratov district
1946 Schnittke family moves to Vienna; Alfred begins to study piano
1948 Enrols as choral major at October Revolution Music School, Moscow
1953-8 Studies at Moscow Conservatoire with Golubev, Rakov, and Gershkovich
1957 First Violin Concerto
1958 Nagasaki oratorio
1968-61 Post-graduate studies at Moscow Conservatoire
1959 Songs of War and Peace cantata
1960 Piano Concerto
1961 Poem about Cosmos for orchestra
1961-72 Teaches at Moscow Conservatoire
1962 The Eleventh Commandment, 2-act opera
Children's Suite for small orchestra
1963 First Violin Sonata
Prelude and Fugue for piano
1964 Music for fortepiano and chamber orchestra
1965 Dialogues for cello and seven instrumentalists
Improvisation and Fugue for piano
Variations on One Chord for piano
3 Verses of Marina Tsvetayeva for mezzo and piano
1966 First String Quartet
Second Violin Concerto
1968 Second Violin Sonata,
Quasi una sonata (see also 1987)
Pianissimo for large symphony orchestra
Sonata for violin and chamber orchestra (arr. First Violin Sonata, 1963)
Serenada for violin, clarinet, double-bass, piano and percussion
1969 Stream, electronic composition
1969-72 First Symphony
1971 Concerto for oboe, harp and string orchestra
Labyrinths, ballet
Canon in memoriam Igor Stravinsky for string quartet
Four Pieces for piano
1972 Voices of Nature for ten female voices and vibraphone
Suite in Old Style for violin and piano (or harpsichord
1972- Teaches at Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow
1972-76 Piano Quintet
1972-8 In Memoriam for orchestra (arr. Piano Quintet)
1974 Hymns I-III for cello and chamber combinations
1974-9 Hymn IV
1975 Preludium in Memoriam D Shostakovich for two violins
Cantus Perpetuus for keyboard instrument and percussion
Requiem (after Schiller), for soloists, mixed chorus and ensemble
1976 Song of Francis of Assisi for two mixed choruses and 6 instrumentalists
Moz-Art for two violins
1977 First Concerto Grosso
Moz-Art à la Haydn for two violins and eleven strings
1978 Third Violin Concerto
Cello Sonata
Silent Night for violin and piano
1979 Second Symphony, "St Florian"
Concerto for piano and string orchestra
Stille Musik for violin and cello
1979-80 Passacaglia for large symphony orchestra
1980 Second String Quartet
Three Madrigals
Two Short Pieces for organ
1980-1 Minnesang for 52 voices
1981 Third Symphony
1981-2 Septet
Second Concerto Grosso
1982 A Paganini for violin solo
1983 Seid Nachtern und Wachet, cantata
Third String Quartet
Schall und Hall for trombone and organ
1984 Fourth Symphony
Fourth Violin Concerto
1984-5 Ritual for large symphony orchestra
Concerto for soprano and mixed chorus
1985 Third Concerto Grosso
(K)ein Sommernachtstraum for symphony orchestra
Viola Concerto
String Trio (arr. for chamber orchestra as Trio Sonata, 1987)
Music to an Imagined Play
Othello, ballet
1985-6 First Cello Concerto
1986 Peer Gynt, ballet
1987 Quasi una sonata for violin and chamber orchestra
1987-8 First Piano Sonata
1988 Fifth Symphony/Fourth Concerto Grosso
Concerto for piano four hands and chamber orchestra
Piano Quartet in A minor (after Mahler)
3 Verses of Viktor Schnittke for voice and piano
4 Aphorisms for chamber orchestra
1988-1993 Historia von D Johann Fausten, opera
1989 Monologue for viola and chamber orchestra
Fourth String Quartet
3 x 7 for seven instruments
1990 Second Cello Concerto
3 Fragments for harpsichord
Moz-Art à la Mozart for harp and eight flutes
Second Piano Sonata
5 Aphorisms for piano
Madrigal in Memoriam Oleg Kagan for violin solo
1991 Fifth Concerto Grosso
Festive Cantus for the 60th Birthday of G Rozhdestvensky
1990-1 Life with an Idiot, opera
1992 Agnus Dei for two sop, female ch, and chamber orchestra
Piano Trio
Nostalgia for cello and piano
1993 Sixth Symphony
Seventh Symphony
Sixth Concerto Grosso
Third Piano Sonata
Improvisation for solo cello
Hommage to Dr Zhivago
Hommage to Grieg for orchestra
1993-95 Gesualdo, opera in seven acts
1994 Eighth Symphony
Triple Concerto for violin, viola, cello and string orchestra
Symphonic Prelude For Liverpool for orchestra
Second Cello Sonata
Third Violin Sonata
Percussion Quartet
5 Fragments to Pictures of Hieronymus Bosch Menuet for violin, viola and cello
1998 Dies 3 August in Hamburg

[NB This list omits 61 film scores]
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